Tonic herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms are adaptogenic in nature ie – they provide your body what it needs, in order to restore balance or homeostasis.  They help to improve the immune system, nervous system, gut and digestive health, increase overall stress resilience, vigor and vitality.

I have listed a few herbs below which are particularly helpful in this direction.

  • Ashwagandha: an Ayurvedic herb translated as the scent of a horse, is the ultimate adaptogen and stress-buster and this has been proven by research. Indications: feeling stressed, anxious, tense, weakness in body
  • Reishi: This is a highly revered medicinal mushroom for centuries by the Taoist masters and rightly called the the Queen of Medicinal Mushrooms. It helps to fully embodying Shen (inner wisdom, higher self), one of the Three Treasures in TCM. Indications: over-thinking mind, tired and wired, prone to anxiety or anxiety ridden, panic attacks, depression.
  • Qi Tonic:  This is tonic blend to build life force or Qi(Chi). The herbs in this blend are also building immune system, shielding against the pathogens and gut health as well strengthen the lungs.
  • Mason’s Mushrooms: a balanced blend of 8 medicinal mushrooms, this is amazing to improve gut health, emotional balance, overall vitality and resilience. It has a comforting effect and can be easily added to hot chocolate or cacao shake. Indications: emotional upsets like feeling tense, irritable, stuck and frustrated, gut dis-balance
  • Maca:  Peruvian organic Maca by Seleno Health is quite a unique and powerful superfood. Taken daily Organic Maca has the ability to balance hormones, reduce stress, boost energy & vitality, enhance male and female sexual health, fight fatigue, improve cognitive function and mental health, improve mood, slow ageing

I have been using the medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbal blends from SuperFeast. They are one of the best in the market, premium quality, highly potent products. 


“I started using Reishi in January to help with insomnia. From the first time I took it I noticed a mellow, calming effect. My sleep still isn’t prefect but the Reishi definitely helps! For people who feel wired or worried at night time, this is a must. I take it either on it’s own with hot water or steep it with chamomile and lavender and then add a dash of coconut cream and some honey.”

Gemma, Auckland


“I have been using medicinal mushrooms from Manasi at Ayurveda Mandala for some months now. Initially I was a bit sceptical that these were good quality as they come from China. However after learning about the mushroom growth/production environment and practices, and the strict testing process that is undertaken for impurities, which was confirmed by sample test result documentation sent to me after I requested it, I realised that these were as good as they were promoted to be, the real deal in other words. Because the promised benefits regarding these medicinal mushrooms are amazing.  However another hurdle was the price – they are not cheap! But I relaxed when I learnt you only need a very small amount each day for the full benefits, so it lasts a long time.

And they have proved to be great. I’ve been taking half a level teaspoon daily for several months and notice the positive effect. Jing is a powerful booster for my energy – and I was able to stop taking the adrenal supplements I had been taking.

I also work at a computer doing IT work all week, and initially Lion’s Mane, but later on Neural Nectar also made a noticeable difference there. I design complicated software, and also have to problem solve IT issues for clients, and both are heavy duty mental operations. And I am happy to report that my mental energy and resilience are definitely improved since taking this, and I wouldn’t want to be without it.

Finally, I got curious about the Tremella mushroom for vanity reasons as it was said to improve your skin! And now I’m a true fan of that as well – after a few weeks of taking it I noticed a glow to my skin that looked pretty good. So I do recommend medicinal mushrooms from Ayurveda Mandala.”

Hoop, Auckland


Testimonials from clients using Medicinal Mushrooms

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