What others say about Medicinal Mushrooms and Tonic Herbs:

“For the last one year, I  constantly had acute low energy problem. My Hemoglobin, Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium, all these much required nutrients were on the lower side simultaneously. My thyroid function was also out of balance. I used to feel  extremely tired even while taking shower or going from one room to another.room. I usually avoid taking allopathic medicines as they have bad side effects, so I was depending on Homeopathic treatment. But  its support process was very low & slow. Though it was nice but I badly need some fast, and perfect support  for my wellbeing. I discussed my poor physical condition with Manasi. She after listening to me carefully, suggested me to take Maca & Reishi and Neural Nectar mushroom extracts regularly for low energy as well as for the prevention of other commonly found problems like cancer, liver & kidney diseases, heart problems,  weak lungs, breathing problem, common flu, poor immune system, high cholesterol and high – low blood pressure.
On her expert advise, I  started taking these extracts the month of March this year and to my utter surprise, within  2-3 days, I noticed the change in my tired body. My low energy was gradually disappearing. I was feeling agile & fresh. But I didn’t believe this miraculous change  till three  months when finally I got my Blood Tests done and saw the report of my Hemoglobin, Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium. I was  happy & all bouncing to find their levels up and more in the normal range.
 Manasi helped me heal and transform into a new agile & active young senior citizen.I would suggest every young & old person to make these health products a regular part of your daily routine. Start your day with a big mug of  Reishi & Maca drink  (Cold or Hot, as you wish)  with a  dash of chocolate powder and then enjoy the transformation …!!!”
Deepti, India

“I started taking He Shou Wu since March 2019 when I went through a stressful phase. Before taking He Shou Wu, I was feeling depleted, exhausted and worn out. Doing daily tasks felt like climbing a mountain. Within 2 days of starting He Shou Wu, I began to feel calmer, slightly resilient and be able to face the day. Gradually within a week I felt much better. I am taking it now since 4 months and I feel I am not only my usual self but in fact better self.  I don’t feel the stress, as though there is enough resilience and calm headedness to handle daily stuff, challeneges and more. I am very grateful for this.”

Manasi, Auckland

“Reishi: I started using Reishi in January to help with insomnia. From the first time I took it I noticed a mellow, calming effect. My sleep still isn’t prefect but the Reishi definitely helps! For people who feel wired or worried at night time, this is a must. I take it either on it’s own with hot water or steep it with chamomile and lavender and then add a dash of coconut cream and some honey.

He Shou Wu: I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is dealing with adrenal fatigue, overwhelm and burn out. It’s amazing! It has a very grounding energy and seems to quietly work away in the background, nourishing and restoring. I’ll be keeping this treasure in my herbal arsenal forever!

Tremella: I love Tremella, it has a very neutral taste and mixes well with other mushrooms in hot drinks, smoothies, porridge or in desserts. My skin and hair usually get very dry in winter, but they haven’t been as bad this year.

Lion’s Mane: Alzheimer’s disease runs in my family and so I would feel anxious during times of burnout when experiencing brain fog, poor memory and a general feeling of not being as sharp or articulate as I used to be. Lion’s mane has definitely helped with this. I don’t find myself searching for words as often and feel clearer and more confident. It also has a yummy earthy, slightly bitter, taste and makes a mean mushroom latte!”

Gemma, Auckland

“I have been using medicinal mushrooms from Manasi at Ayurveda Mandala for some months now. Initially I was a bit sceptical that these were good quality as they come from China. However after learning about the mushroom growth/production environment and practices, and the strict testing process that is undertaken for impurities, which was confirmed by sample test result documentation sent to me after I requested it, I realised that these were as good as they were promoted to be, the real deal in other words. Because the promised benefits regarding these medicinal mushrooms are amazing.  However another hurdle was the price – they are not cheap! But I relaxed when I learnt you only need a very small amount each day for the full benefits, so it lasts a long time.

And they have proved to be great. I’ve been taking half a level teaspoon daily for several months and notice the positive effect. Jing is a powerful booster for my energy – and I was able to stop taking the adrenal supplements I had been taking.

I also work at a computer doing IT work all week, and initially Lion’s Mane, but later on Neural Nectar also made a noticeable difference there. I design complicated software, and also have to problem solve IT issues for clients, and both are heavy duty mental operations. And I am happy to report that my mental energy and resilience are definitely improved since taking this, and I wouldn’t want to be without it.

Finally, I got curious about the Tremella mushroom for vanity reasons as it was said to improve your skin! And now I’m a true fan of that as well – after a few weeks of taking it I noticed a glow to my skin that looked pretty good. So I do recommend medicinal mushrooms from Ayurveda Mandala.”

Hoop, Auckland

“As much as possible I only eat organic food, and having had in the past a lot of health issues (e.g. heavy metal poisoning) I am nowadays pretty fussy about my health. So as well as having my own garden and a good home prepared/cooked diet, I am always on the lookout for quality supplements and superfoods to add to my health regime.  And I have over time assembled a some core quality products that I regularly take. But one day I realised I was missing Ashwagandha in my mix. So I went and bought some powder, and while it was a bit gritty it did seem to make some difference. However since then I have upgraded to getting my Ashwagandha from Manasi at Ayurveda Mandala.

Again when I initially heard the price my health went backwards as I nearly had a heart attack! But once I learnt about the far superior process used to create the product, and also how little is needed each day I went ahead and got some. And man was that a good move. Seriously this stuff is so high grade and powerful, I’ll never use any other. Same as with the mushrooms you only need a level quarter or half teaspoon a day. One time I thought to experiment and took a whole level teaspoon – well I felt so light and strong, but also my head started buzzing for half an hour. It was way too much – it’s just so powerful !!”


Upasika, Auckland