My journey with Maca began in April 2019. I was looking for something to give me that physical strength and hormonal balance. I came across one of the workshops held by Seleno Health. I attended the workshop and learnt about Maca. So I implemented the knowledge I gained and began using it straightaway. I must say within a day I felt the difference. And as I continued taking Maca daily, I felt better and stronger. I also felt much more balanced in my hormones, everything just seem to get harmonised. Not all Maca products are alike so one has to be careful in making a choice. I buy Maca from Seleno Health because they make it the right way to extract its nutritional and health improving properties. Moreover it is organic and done in an ethical way and I like to support that. Maca is a definitely a nutritional powerhouse and I can vouch for that based on my own personal experience.

I gave Maca to my mother who had been experiencing very low energy due to chronic iron deficiency, and thyroid issues. She felt a remarkable difference in her energy after taking Maca already on the first day. And it kept improving every day. She had the energy to exercise and walk more which in turn helped increase her metabolism and help loose excess weight. It led to multiple benefits for her overall health and well being. She loves taking it daily as much as I do.

Taken daily Organic Yellow Maca has the ability to:

  • Balance hormones
  • Boost energy and vitality
  • Combat menopause
  • Enhance male and female health
  • Fight Fatigue
  • Improve cognitive function and mental health
  • Improve mood
  • Increase fertility
  • Reduce stress
  • Slow ageing

I take Organic Yellow Maca in the following ways:

  • in hot chocolate
  • mixed in with some water, coconut cream and honey, like a dessert
  • in almond milk shakes and smoothies
  • as tea with some dried apple and orange

Thank you for taking the time to read. I truly hope this helps you in some way on your journey of true health. If you have questions please feel free to contact me via Contact Form or on 021 132 5701.

“For the last one year, I  constantly had acute low energy problem. My Hemoglobin, Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium, all these much required nutrients were on the lower side simultaneously. My thyroid function was also out of balance. I used to feel  extremely tired even while taking shower or going from one room to I usually avoid taking allopathic medicines as they have bad side effects, so I was depending on Homeopathic treatment. But  its support process was very low & slow. Though it was nice but I badly need some fast, and perfect support  for my wellbeing. I discussed my poor physical condition with Manasi. She after listening to me carefully, suggested me to take Maca & Reishi and Neural Nectar mushroom extracts regularly for low energy as well as for the prevention of other commonly found problems like cancer, liver & kidney diseases, heart problems,  weak lungs, breathing problem, common flu, poor immune system, high cholesterol and high – low blood pressure.
On her expert advise, I  started taking these extracts the month of March this year and to my utter surprise, within  2-3 days, I noticed the change in my tired body. My low energy was gradually disappearing. I was feeling agile & fresh. But I didn’t believe this miraculous change  till three  months when finally I got my Blood Tests done and saw the report of my Hemoglobin, Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium. I was  happy & all bouncing to find their levels up and more in the normal range.
 Manasi helped me heal and transform into a new agile & active young senior citizen.I would suggest every young & old person to make these health products a regular part of your daily routine. Start your day with a big mug of  Reishi & Maca drink  (Cold or Hot, as you wish)  with a  dash of chocolate powder and then enjoy the transformation …!!!”
Deepti, India

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