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Osho talks

Osho’s guidance has been the catalyst in my life. My experience in Osho Ashram Pune has transformed my life in profound ways.

It helped me to embrace every moment with a childlike curiosity

the realization that happiness is not dependent on the outer so much as the inner

keeping my awareness in the moment helps me stay in touch with my intuition

my intuition lights my path

a sense of gratitude grows from moment to moment

I am forever grateful.

About Osho

Osho is known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, with an approach to meditation that acknowledges the accelerated pace of contemporary life. His unique OSHO Active Meditations are designed to first release the accumulated stresses of body and mind, so that it is then easier to take an experience of stillness and thought-free relaxation into daily life. Osho defies categorization. His thousands of talks cover everything from the individual quest for meaning to the most urgent social and political issues facing society today.
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What is Meditation?

“Meditation is rest, absolute rest, a full stop to all activity – physical, mental, emotional. When you are in such a deep rest that nothing stirs in you, when all action as such ceases – as if you are fast asleep yet awake – you come to know who you are. Suddenly the window opens. It cannot be opened by effort because effort creates tension – and tension is the cause of our whole misery. Hence this is something very fundamental to be understood that meditation is not effort.
Osho, The Golden Wind, Talk #15

Cosmic Sounds Session

This is a unique and beautiful combination of body work and healing cosmic sounds. It is a combination of Tibetan Bowl, Cymbals and Sanskrit Vedic Mantra chanting. The overtone sound vibrations from the bowl and cymbals penetrate through the body deeper into the soul and open up the energy channels. To activate the energy flow and dissolve blockages, Reiki is given during the session. It is a meditative experience and will leave you deeply relaxed and in touch with your true nature.

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