Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation


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Get personalised guidance and support for various health and wellness issues and learn about preventative measures. Therefore you will learn to achieve and keep optimum health and well-being and improve your quality of life.

Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation addresses the following conditions:

  • Are you suffering from chronic fatigue?
  • Do you have difficulty falling asleep and the quality of sleep is poor?
  • Do you feel discomfort after eating certain foods and don’t know why?
  • Are you lethargic, depressed and de-motivated?
  • Are you overweight and wish to achieve a healthy weight?
  • Do you wish to experience high energy levels?
  • Do have cravings and addictions that are difficult to let go?
  • Have you tried many diets and realised that the effects don’t last long and you fall back into old habits?
  • Are you finding it hard to exercise on a regular basis?
  • Are your relationships healthy and loving or toxic?
  • Are you drinking enough clean, pure water?
  • Do you feel like you need a good cleanse and detox to tone your inner organs?


The initial Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation session will be 60 mins and follow up session(s) will be approx. 40 mins. The required follow up session(s) amount and interval will be established with you in the first session.

If you don’t find a suitable time slot above please contact me!