He Shou Wu has been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine for kidney and adrenal restoration. In March 2019 I had been going through a stressful and intense phase in life. I felt very depleted and exhausted and could not function normally on day to day basis. I needed something to gently uplift me. He Shou Wu did exactly that!

Within two days of starting on He Shou Wu I felt a shift both physically and mentally. I felt less anxious and overwhelmed by daily work and tasks and felt more calm and robust gradually as I continued to take and still take it. It has been now 4 months and I feel He Shou Wu has made a big difference to my adrenal glands and kidneys.

I like to take it in following ways:

  • in hot water with honey
  • in chicory/dandelion root tea
  • in hot chocolate
  • in coffee which I drink occasionally. He Shou Wu takes the edge of the coffee and makes it easier for people who are sensitive to the side effects of caffeine.

Here are some healing benefits of He Shou Wu to name a few:

  • counters adrenal burnout and exhaustion by boosting “jing” energy
  • hormone balancing function
  • increases our resilience and ability to cope with stress
  • boosts libido

Adrenal glands get depleted due to acute stress resulting from a life situation or chronic stress over years. If not nourished it can lead to adrenal exhaustion and burnout which leads to various health issues like anxiety, depression, weight gain to name a few. So it is important to tune in and see if you might be needing this support to regain and reclaim your mojo.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope this helps you in some way on your journey of health. If you have questions please feel free to contact me via Contact Form or on 021 132 5701.

Wishing you true health and well-being.

“I definitely recommend He Shou Wu to anyone who is dealing with adrenal fatigue, overwhelm and burn out. It’s amazing! It has a very grounding energy and seems to quietly work away in the background, nourishing and restoring. I’ll be keeping this treasure in my herbal arsenal forever!”

Gemma, Auckland


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