Ayurvedic Consultation

My personal health and well-being journey is reflected in my work that I offer to you. I would like to share with you my experience and knowledge gained over the past 20 years, about wholefoods, nutrition, ayurvedic wisdom, natural and organic skincare. Like everything else they are intertwined and interconnected. Our gut health is crucial to our well-being. Our immune system, brain health and skin health, all depend on how well our gut is functioning. It is about educating oneself and making informed and aware food choices, clean eating, organic foods and conscious living, making an effort to leave this planet a better place than we found it.

A beautiful quote below from Indian mystic Osho:

“The second thing about food is that the state of our mind when we eat is much more important than what we eat. Food will affect you differently if you eat joyously, happily, or if you eat when you are filled with sadness and worry. If you are eating in a worried state, then even the best food will have a poisonous effect. And if you are eating with joy then it is possible that sometimes even poison may not be able to have its total effect on you. It is very possible. So what state of mind you eat in is important…

A violent diet does not only mean that a man eats non-vegetarian food. It is also a violent diet when a man eats with anger. Both of these things are violent. While eating in anger, in suffering, in worry, man is also eating violently. He does not realize at all that just as he is violent when eating the flesh of something else, so when his own flesh burns up inside due to anger and worry, violence is present there too. Then the food which he is eating cannot be non-violent..

On the body level, the right food should be healthy, non-stimulating and non-violent; on the psychological level the mind should be in a blissful state, graceful and joyous; and on the level of the soul there should be a feeling of gratefulness, of thankfulness. These three things make food the right food…

We are eating food, we are drinking water, we are breathing — we should have a sense of gratefulness about all this. Towards the whole life, towards the whole world, towards the whole universe, towards the whole nature, towards the divine, there should be a feeling of gratefulness — I have received one more day to live. Once more I have received food to eat. For one more day I am seeing the sun, seeing the flowers blossoming. I am again alive today.”

Osho - The Inner Journey