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Manasi Gupta

I grew up in a small town called Bijnor (near New Delhi) in North India, I did my studies in New Delhi and Bijnor and after completing my Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from New Delhi, I moved to Osho Ashram in Pune to follow my spiritual journey. I have always been very interested in healing, arts, music. As a child I grew up in a musical environment – my father played accordion and sitar, my mother and grand mother used to sing. We had a group of friends with whom we shared beautiful musical evenings in our home. I learned Indian classical vocal and later on a Sufi instrument called Dilruba.

As a young girl I always loved to dance and eagerly participated in school functions and competitions. I used to do Indian folk dances and later on I was charmed by the Egyptian Belly dance form. This form of dance is very feminine and elegant besides being a great workout. I really enjoy it and have also done performances in Germany and Auckland.

I got trained in Ayurvedic Massage and Reiki in Pune and Munich, Germany. I lived in Munich from 2000 – 2006 working as Ayurvedic Massage Therapist in various Health Spas and Sport Centres. Living in Munich was the beginning of my journey into health and nutrition as well, where I ventured into health foods and realised that there is so much more to learn about my body and mind and how food choices affect the mental and emotional well being and vice-versa. The interconnection of mind and body was getting more and more clear to me and I was so excited to explore this journey. There were some hardships too but they showed what areas needed to be looked at.

Me and my husband felt we needed a change from Germany and its cold winters so we decided to move to Auckland, New Zealand and came here in June 2006. I feel really at home here, never felt so at home else where. There is something about the land here that I can connect to on different levels.

I love and enjoy making Mandalas and also make personalised Mandalas. I have done a few exhibitions in Munich. Please check my gallery.

I offer healing sessions, nutrition and lifestyle consultations from my home in Beach Haven, North Shore. For more information please connect with me.

I also offer meditation with chanting and accompany yoga workshops with my chants.

I am also working as an Independent Consultant for World Organics. It is a New Zealand company offering certified organic premium skincare. Please check here for more information.

I am passionate about travelling and exploring new places, nature walks, yoga, meeting and sharing with like minded people. I live in North Shore Auckland with my beloved husband Manasvi and my dear cat Mimi. I am growing my own organic greens and herbs and share this abundance with my friends and neighbours.

Thank you for visiting my website, hope you enjoy browsing through it and feel inspired. I would love to hear from you.

Arohanui, Love and Light


Ayurveda Mandala 021 132 5701

Beach Haven, Auckland