Mandala – the sacred circle

Mandala third eye

“Watching the Mind“From the body of the unborn essence (Consciousness) arises the sphere of light, and from that sphere of light arises wisdom. From the wisdom arises the seed syllable and from the seed syllable arises the complete Mandala, the deity and the retinue”.

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Mandala means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit, they are also known as Yantras, the visual form of a Hindu prayer called a Mantra. Tibetan Buddhist monks create very intricate and detailed sand mandalas that take days to complete. These Mandalas are then offered back to the ocean in a ceremony. It is the process of making a Mandala, that is their meditation. They don’t have any attachment to the end result.

I learnt mandalas in Osho Ashram and since then I simply fell in love with them. Creating a Mandala is a meditative process for me. It begins from a meditative no-mind space and I allow the creativity to take over rather than the mind.

I make personalised Mandalas. They are very special and memorable gifts to your dear ones. If you are interested please contact me.

Manasi’s beautifully created mandalas are wonderful personal gifts to share with friends.
Much thought and attention to detail is visible throughout the layers bringing in a new dimension of awareness.
The created mandala holds the potential for us to go beyond the limitation of the mind allowing the viewer to enter an elevated state of being.
I believe Manasi’s artistic vision plays an important role in our human experience.”

With heartfelt thanks

Bev Patterson-Kane