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I recently went along to see Manasi for an Ayurvedic Consultation which basically looked at what I eat every day and what health issues I might have. She highlighted some key things in my diet which could be causing problems and emailed me a written report. I was a bit hesitant at first, but decided to give her ideas and recommendations a go. Over the last few months I’ve noticed a positive shift in my health and I’ve also got to know about some new and different foods. So I feel it was really worthwhile. I highly recommend Manasi’s services.”

Lynn, Beach Haven

 Are you going through any of these or any other health issues:

Bloating, indigestion, gluten sensitivity and other gut issues

Sleeping issues and lack of good quality sleep

Lack of motivation and passion in your life

Weight gain, sluggishness and lethargy

Low resilience to stress

Brain fog and confusion

Mood fluctuations

Gut and overall health are directly related. If the microbiome in gut is not in balance, it can lead to multiple symptoms as described above. I offer professional guidance to support you with these issues and more and achieve optimum health and well-being. During the consultation I endeavor to educate my client about their constitution and how certain foods and herbs have beneficial effect for their gut and health condition.

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Below I have given some links to testimonials from my clients on how their health improved under my guidance as well as about my massage and healing work. Below I am also sharing a link to all my recipes on my website. Please click on the links and have a read when you have a moment. Thank you.

 Ayurvedic Nutrition Client Testimonials

Ayurvedic Massage and Healing Client Testimonials

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