Massage & Healing

I offer a wide range of body work, massage therapies and healing sessions. All my sessions are individually customized to suit the requirements of my clients. I take time to assess your situation and discuss the options.

Please click on links below for information or give me a call on 021 132 5701.

In my session there is stillness, pure love and nurture, which is what is needed to feel safe. When one feels safe, they can deeply relax and slowly let go of their fears, armors and self sabotaging patterns, thereby allowing themselves to free up their life energy to be truly joyful, to fully live their true potential and become better versions of themselves. 

I invite you to be in this very moment – in here and now, be open & child-like to all the magic and healing that happens from being aware and in touch with your own self. 

“Sometimes to invoke a healing all is needed is supportive silence.
For you will enter into a world that’s beyond reason.
A place full of power, hope, and magic.”

Ian Paul Marshall

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Wishing you peace, health and longevity!

Please note: If you need to make any changes to your appointment please inform me 24 hrs before via email, call or txt. Any delays, please inform me ahead as courtesy. Otherwise there is a charge of full session price.