“I first met Manasi at Prana Festival when my husband surprised me with an Ayurvedic facial and massage. I went to the session having no idea what to expect. From the minute Manasi started the session I felt relaxed and calm. The products on my skin felt divine. Each one smelled delicious and no nasty stinging sensations like I have with many other products. When I looked in the mirror after my massage I didn’t recognise the person I saw. My skin felt nourished, vibrant, glowing and soft. I spoke to Manasi about her products and realised they were all ethically produced and certified organic, so no nasty chemicals. I was  most excited to discover that she also has a makeup range, so I have started changing over all of my skincare and makeup to World Organic. I can’t believe how much better my skin feels and it isn’t that expensive. I highly recommend you try these products, your skin will love you for it. It also just feels great to  give your money to a company that is certified organic, supports fair trade and uses recyclable packaging. I believe it is important people use their business as a force for good in the world, and World Organic is one of those companies”

After receiving a Ayurvedic Massage & Rejuvenating Organic Facial massage.