“My name is Pradeep Gupta. I live in Germany. 3 years back I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes. I got in touch with Manasi Gupta as I knew that she is very well informed about nutrition and a healthy life style. She gave me many tips about eating right kind of food and exercises. Now I am free from diabetes and take no medicines She still gives me directions about nutrition and that always inspires me. It has also helped in improving my overall health.

About 2 years back I had frozen shoulder. Again Manasi gave me tips about eating the kind of food which helps the muscles and helps in reducing inflammation. She advised me to take Astaxanthin, which actually cured my shoulder which seemed impossible to heal and the only option left was an operation. So I am very thankful to her and wish her all success in her work which is helping many people.”

After receiving a Nutrition and Lifestyle consultation.