“I felt immensely relaxed , healed up, in utter peace and harmony to receive Chakra-Reiki Massage from Manasi. This was not a regular massage, it was really a spiritual massage. When I was under this spiritual massage session, I was completely in the state of BLISS…..! Light tapping and blowing in between the massage from head to toe was like passing energy to me by her healing touch. Through her this meditative and intuitive touch, it seems as if she transfers universal energy to the body that heals the body ache, headache and many commonly known pains – that set hard in our body and we carry them and keep ourselves engaged in mundane things unbothered about those nasty pains. These pains are really nasty because they set so deep in our body parts that gradually they start turning into horrifying diseases. So, if we tackle our physical ailments at the initial stage with Reiki massage – we can avoid major health hazards holistically and happily.

Thanks Manasi for giving me the wealth of health and the blissful experience as well as reviving my God granted faculties to live life up to the brim…!! This adage is true – Healthy mind in a healthy body……..! I feel now myself a much better thinker and much better ‘writer’ than before.”

After receiving a Healing touch Reiki session.