Raw Hemp Flakes


The Raw Hemp Protein Flakes are smooth and easy to mix with or sprinkle on any dish, because only pure hemp hearts are finely grinded and made into flakes, after completely removing the shells.




Raw Hemp Flakes are made from de-shelleAll Productsd hemp seeds and are therefore grit free.


Raw Hemp Protein Flakes are made from de-shelled raw hemp seeds. Grown completely spray-free. No pesticides, fungicides or chemicals used in the growing, harvesting, or processing.
Raw Hemp Protein Flakes consists of a unique protein called edestin. It is a globular protein that is very similar to that found in blood plasma. This makes it very easy for the body to utilize the protein. Hemp protein contains a complete amino acid profile, so you can be sure you are covering all the body’s essential requirements.

Raw hemp protein helps to build a muscular and vital body, it contains 50.7% protein from 18 amino acids and is also rich in omega essential oils.

Product of Canada and processed in an A Grade Human environment. Packaged and distributed in New Zealand by The Hemp Farm.

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