New Products Launched

World Organic launched some new products this week. Please check the webstore:

Mineral Powder Foundation

Artisan hand-made soap

Eye shadows Palettes

Lipsticks and Lipgloss

Liquid Eye Liner

Body wash gel

Host a Pamper Party during July and achieve sales over $200 to receive brand new Bamboo and Shea Exfoliant FREE

A creamy, nourishing bamboo exfoliant that refines pores and leaves the skin radiant. The bamboo particles help to renew, re-mineralize, and condition the skin, while the heavenly scent of the honeysuckle flower will add an exotic aroma to your experience.

It’s easy to host a party and a lot of fun too! Please talk to me if you wish to get together with your friends and have some fun time as well as getting to know the products. As a host, you stand to earn some wonderful gifts and rewards.