The Perfect Lunch – It is a complete wholesome food as it contains all the micro nutrients and macro nutrients – enzymes, pro-biotics, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. For us it is one of our regular meals that we include in our daily life because not only it is nutrient dense but also super delicious. I will be sharing some recipes from this dish in my upcoming Workshop – Ayurvedic Wisdom in a Lunch Box .

More details about the workshop can be read here

The Perfect Lunch includes the following dishes –

Cooked Quinoa

Black Lentils

Red Cabbage Living Sauerkraut

Karengo or Nori Seaweed

Deviled eyed eggs

Grated Veggie Salad – Daikon radish, beetroot, zuchini

Basil and Nasturtium Pesto

Alfalfa and clover sprouts

Pumpkin seeds and pine nuts

Fresh green salad – mustards, dandelion, basil, rocket and olives

Edible flowers from the garden