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I am an independent Consultant for World Organic since 2012. World Organic is a New Zealand company owned by Megan Douglas, offering premium quality certified organic skin care products. Her great grandfather William Anderton was the founder of famous New Zealand Red Seal company. Megan’s grand mother – Jennie Douglas was a herbalist and one of the main inspirations in Megan’s life. Megan has been able to marry the accumulated wisdom of generations with modern scientific techniques, ensuring that World Organic’s brands – River Veda and The Organic Skin Co. – are able to fulfil their core philosophy of providing ethically produced, premium quality, certified organic skincare products that are good not only for the people who use them, but also for the world around us. The products are formulated mindfully and synergistically using ayurvedic herbs, supercritical plant extracts, cold pressed oils and essential oils – all sourced from certified organic fair trade farms in India, Africa and New Zealand. The products are certified by BioGro.

Please check my Webstore and contact me if you wish to try these deeply hydrating and therapeutic products, or hold a Pamper Party, spread the word among your friends and get FREE Products. I am recruiting Consultants. It is a great business opportunity for those who are looking at flexible work hours, fun while you earn and extra income or even making it as the main source. Please get in touch with me.

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I am offering Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Facials (Mukhabhyanga) using these gorgeous World Organic products.

Our skin is the largest organ and protects us from environmental hazards. In that process it absorbs certain toxins that are processed by the liver and kidney and flushed out of the body. I can not emphasize enough on the importance of using certified organic skincare. I have put in main important points below among many others:

  • Choosing the right skin care is very important since the skin is semi permeable and absorbs what is put on. If we use chemically loaded products, our skin will absorb them and our organs have to work harder to get rid of them. This leads to toxic overload in the body leading to cancer, allergies, hormonal imbalances and similar issues.
  • Chemicals used in conventional cosmetics – Parabens, Mineral oils, PEG derivatives are carcinogenic.
  • Organic is not always pure and organic, it needs to be certified organic for at least 70% of ingredients to assure that the quality of the products is really pure and safe to use on your skin


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