What others say about Manasi’s Ayurvedic, Aromatherapy and Energy Healing Sessions:

“A new mantra came to me yesterday as I was driving away from your home, I really took on board what you said about not living inside my head. Today I am feeling much happier and positive and well within myself. The breathing technique is working wonders, it is so calming and grounding. My breathing is so much better today, I have not been using my breathe well at all for the past months which has turned into anxiety / shallow breathing. You have definitely unblocked my chakras and my blood is flowing much better. Some other shifts i have really noticed today: I am not excessively hungry. I have a deep urge to be gentle and kind to my body. Almost zero stress and anxiety. My head feels clearer and lighter. I am leading with my heart and breath, not in my head. Thank you for lighting the way for me. Deepest gratitude to you Manasi. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to do more work with you.”

Megan, Auckland

“I highly recommend Manasi’s massage. It’s a blissful way to relax. Earlier this year, I indulged in one of her Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Massage/Body Scrub series. It was a wonderful six sessions of Ayurvedic Aromatherapy massage over two weeks, using warm oil infused with essential oils combined with organic body scrub. For the 6th session, I had her Pamper Package which included a Cacao Organic Facial. Magic! She is flexible on the combination you want and uses her intuition and experience to figure out what will suit you.I’ve also benefited from her Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation which picked up weaknesses in my diet and I have noticed a real improvement since last year in my niggling health issues.”

Lynn, Birkdale Auckland

“I started seeing Manasi regularly late last year. I have struggled for a long time with my mental health particularly anxiety, hypochondria and depression amongst other things. I had being seeing a therapist, had been to the doctor and prescribed medication, but I still felt like I was drowning and nothing was helping. I’ve always taken a holistic approach to my mental health so was even working on my diet, exercising and reading up on anything I could do to help. It got to the point where my partner was struggling as didn’t know how to help me and it was affecting my day to day life significantly. A colleague recommended Manasi to me and I had been once quite a while ago but not gone back. I decided to go and see her again as I was in such a bad way and realised I couldn’t help myself and nothing was working. I found her so friendly and welcoming and also has advice for any issue that I found in with. She is so knowledgeable about so many things, like nutrition and essential oils specific to what I need. I’ve come to trust her so much. After my first visit I felt instantly calmer. The next few days the energy really stayed with me and I started to feel slightly more at ease. It wasn’t and instant fix but the improvement was there from the offset. I started to go fortnightly then weekly and I also started to practice meditation at home and used the oils kindly made for me by Manasi. It’s been about 3 or 4 months now and even my friends are commenting on how I seem so much more together and chilled out! I am able to cope with situations that a few months ago I wouldn’t have been able to. I am sleeping better and haven’t had an episode since last year. I know that working on my issues will be a lifetime thing but I absolutely swear by my weekly massages and if I had to give anything up, it definitely wouldn’t be these! It’s my favourite part of the week.”

Erin, Auckland

“Having seen Manasi for only a month I had significant improvement in my comfort. I had been diagnosed with extreme inflammation that caused pain in one of my hip areas. Manasi treated me with ayurvedic and aromatherapy massage, reiki healing and a nutritional session complete with her gentleness & wisdom. End result having revisited my muscular skeletal specialist the inflammation had gone, my family noticed a difference in my walk too. Well I’m happy, still following Manasi’s advice and having regular massage, I am more relaxed and sleeping better too. Note – I do have a pretty intense managerial job so it is critical for me to manage that with good health care – prevention rather than repair.”

Renelle, Auckland


“I really value my time with Manasi, and leave feeling relaxed and calm after a wonderful treatment. Manasi has a broad range of techniques and experience, coupled with her intuitive nature – it makes each treatment feel unique, special and tailored just for me” 

Lynsey, Beach Haven, Auckland

“Have known lovely Manasi for over 2-3 years now from recommendation from my best friend’s and receiving an bday voucher from them to experience. Love her amazing work and her personality. Have recommended friends and family to go to her. However my Mother had an magical experience in 2018 from Manasi’s magical hands and healing power! My Mom was experiencing a lot of back and side pain for an very long time that doctors had told us after an xray that she could possibly be diagnosed with a type of bone cancer in her ribs that may be spread further in her body but cannot be confirmed until after an bone scan being done. Days prior to the bone scan, I brought Mom to Manasi for the first time for an massage to help cure some of her existing pain in her body. After Manasi was aware of the current situation she attempted some deep healing and massaging on her. Mom went home feeling incredible and the day came for her scan. The results came back all clear and they could not find any sight of any negativity like that anymore and my Mom truly believes with all her heart that Manasi was the answer to those thankful results we received! Thank you so much Manasi for everything, my Mom still feels the same results coming to you then after and because of that she and I will be visiting you more frequently! 💖 Please keep up your amazing work and I hope everyone else who reads our story will experience this too!!! Much love to you and see you again soon”

Samantha D., Auckland

“I discovered Manasi about a year ago when I moved to Beach Haven. She is a real find and I love having her in my neighbourhood. I like her style of massage – she uses aromatherapy and warm oils and mixes in Reiki with it. I’ve had a lot of massage treatments over the years and this feels different. I always go for the 90 minutes massage – it’s great to have that amount of time in pure relaxation. Manasi is professional and committed to her practice.  She’s also friendly and interesting to talk to.

I recently went along to see her for an Ayurvedic Consultation which basically looked at what I eat every day and what health issues I might have. She highlighted some key things in my diet which could be causing problems and emailed me a written report. I was a bit hesitant at first, but decided to give her ideas and recommendations a go. Over the last few months I’ve noticed a positive shift in my health and I’ve also got to know about some new and different foods. So I feel it was really worthwhile. I highly recommend Manasi’s services.”

Lynn, Beach Haven

“Manasi is always very welcoming, warm and professional. I have a regular hot oil massage, which is incredible on the skin and much needed for all my sporting aches and sometimes strains. You can put your full trust in Manasi, completely relax, and most of the time drift off to sleep. As someone with very sensitive feet (ticklish), Manasi has been very considerate and is now able to massage them, something I now enjoy and thought would never happen”

Mike, Auckland

“Manasi provides the most caring, professional and warmest of massages.  Every time I have a massage with Manasi I float home.  I have many injuries and I find a massage from Manasi really helps with the pain as well as everyday well-being.  You are the bomb Manasi, thank you.”
Amanda, Auckland

“I really enjoy my sessions with Manasi. I am on the third trimester of my first pregnancy, and it helps me relax and get over all the changes that my body is experiencing. I am very grateful I found her. Totally recommended!’

Agustina Esmerado

“Manasi’s Organic Facial was an amazing experience. It was purifying, rejuvenating, relaxing, nourishing and hydrating for my mature skin. My skin is sensitive to sun and tends to get sun spots, flare ups and rashes if exposed to sun. Manasi’s therapeutic treatment and gentle touch healed those skin irritations and gave it a luminous glow.”

Deepti Auckland

“I am a 68 year old granny who was privileged to be gifted a massage from Manasi through an amazing friend towards the end of 2018. I was nervous attending that first massage as I am not the size of a model. Manasi was very welcoming and very sensitive in her approach. I received the most amazing massage and I was very eager to rebook an appointment. My second appointment was just as magical as the first. I then booked a health consultation which has changed my outlook on health and well-being. Manasi provided me with some ideas and advice on how to get the most out of my life by tweeking some of my bad habits. I have also purchased some of her amazing Kombucha which is the nicest I have ever tasted. Manasi is the best nutritionist that I have had a consultation with and her advice has been life changing.”

Goretti Auckland

“Manasi has a gentle and relaxing personality and I have benefited from her health and dietary advice. She also does a very relaxing massage. So relaxing I fell asleep on the table.”

S.G. Auckland

“Being quite sensitive with pressure, I really love Manasi’s gentle massages. She really has healing hands and I always leave feeling deeply relaxed and nourished. I have also seen her for an ayurvedic nutrition consultation, which made me more aware of unhealthy eating habits and provided achievable and simple diet suggestions and daily routines for a healthier life style. I have been enjoying cooking my own healthy meals and trying new recipes so much more since then. Manasi has delicious and easy to follow recipes on her website as well”

Jessica, Auckland

“Manasi’s massages are a wonderful experience. She has great skill and perceptiveness which makes it easy to relax in a warm, soothing environment. Her massages are imbued with her innate care and respectfulness for others. Thank you Manasi!”

Isabel, North Shore, Auckland

“Dear Manasi, I have to thank you for the hot oil massage you gave me. The effect was wonderful and long lasting. My body relaxed and released all the discomfort and stiffness and the wonderful ambience in your room really soothed jangled nerves and created a lovely peaceful feeling. I seemed to be floating on air for days and will be back soon for another session. Namaste.”

Heather, North Shore, Auckland

“I’m so glad my path crossed with Manasi’s – she is such a giftI highly recommend the lovely Manasi Gupta. Both my partner Mike and I go to her for ayurvedic massage/reiki sessions. It’s rare to find a therapist with whom you feel you can totally let go and just be yourself. Manasi has such a loving, accepting presence, you can’t help but lay back, relax and enjoy! (I’ve even started to enjoy having my feet touched, which is massive testament in itself!). I always leave feeling deeply nourished.
She has a beautiful space to go to and her calm, welcoming manner is enough to put anyone at ease. Her sessions are very reasonably priced considering what she offers (you get a yummy homemade kombucha-mineral drink when you arrive).
I have also been to see her for an Ayurvedic Consultation, where she gave me achievable, simple life style suggestions which have had a massive positive effect physically, emotionally and mentally (right from day one!). I left feeling empowered and hopeful and that with her help, I could really begin to take back the parts of my life that had been slipping out of balance.
WOW you get the full package with Manasi, she is the real deal… , science coupled with her amazing intuition equals mountains of wisdom and easy to implement changes. Thank you Manasi”

Gemma, Beach Haven, Auckland

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve had fortnightly massages with Manasi which have been amazing. Any aches and pains I’ve felt in my hips and back were quickly relieved, making my pregnancy really easy. She has created such a calming environment and the massages have helped to relax my mind and body. I highly recommend anyone who is pregnant to book in for regular massages”

Rochelle, Auckland

“Manasi has a wonderful warm and calm manner. From the moment she greets you and you are shown into the tranquil haven of her treatment room, you begin to relax. Her massage technique is soothing, skillful and therapeutic. I have also had a nutrition and lifestyle guidance consultation with her and her advice has made a marked improvement to my general and emotional health. I shall definitely continue to follow her recommendations. I would highly recommend Manasi; she is extremely knowledgeable and has a very caring manner.”

Terry S. Auckland

“I’ve experienced Reiki with a number of masters and I have to say the experience I have each time with Manasi is on another level, a higher one. She is simply in her own league as a practitioner…….you’ll need to experience this to find out”

Jude, Auckland

“Manasi has been looking after me and my daughter for the last couple of years. Her Reiki and Ayurvedic Massage keeps me going as I juggle work and family life. There is magic in her touch that melts away stress, tension and soreness. I always feel completely rejuvenated after every Reiki and Massage session. My ten year old daughter loves getting Reiki from Manasi as it helps her feel calm and focussed. Manasi has many talents and shares her knowledge and understanding with utmost sincerity. Her healthy and wholesome food is simply delicious ( try her Kombucha and her bliss balls). She is also an accomplished artist (both my daughter and I have taken mandala art lessons from Manasi).
I call Ayurveda Mandala a one stop shop for holistic health and well-being and Manasi its shining beacon.”

Dyuti, Auckland

“I had a series of Reiki treatments with Manasi during a particularly stressful period of my life. Each session was like bliss, leaving me refreshed and revived. Not only that but I was able to take that more relaxed mindset with me into my daily life – and this became a real turning point for re-setting numerous factors that had been causing the stress. This included my diet which Manasi helped with her own home made Kombucha and Sauerkraut. Absolutely delicious! Manasi – Thank You – and see you soon for my next session.”

Brendan, Auckland

“Manasi’s energy healing and massage is perfectly divine. Her treatments are deeply restorative and balancing.”

Susie, Waimauku

“The Reiki Session I had with Manasi always left me totally relaxed and rejuvenated . Simply wonderful. Would recommend it to anyone. I feel a Reiki session is good for your body and soul”

Heidi, North Shore

“Absolutely heavenly massage, Would highly recommend Manasi to anyone looking for complete bliss and relaxation.”

Hamish, Auckland

“I live in India and visited Auckland in 2014. I received several Ayurvedic Massage and Reiki sessions from Manasi. Manasi, needless to say that your Ayurvedic Healing Therapies & Reiki Sessions were unique experiences for me. Before going through them, I was thinking that they would be normally good therapies, but when you gave me ayurvedic massage with your healing touches, I went into trance, a deep relaxing slumber gripped me. You did Reiki too, along with massage -, a fusion healing of mental, emotional, physical, edges altogether. Wow…..what a wonderful & divine feeling I went through. When the session was over, I got up with a new energy and freshness. I was in utter peace….as if some divine smooth currents were floating inside me softly. It filled me with a strange delight. Lethargy & a dull feeling of mental- physical heaviness was gone. I was feeling uber light and rejuvenated.The best thing about your these therapies & sessions, is – their calm & silky-soothing effect from top to toe. One feels bloomed or I must say, as if some sort of transformation has taken place… and this peace, calmness, energy, joy, flowed in & around me unbarred. I can never forget the ‘Super Healing Effect’ of your Sessions. Rare people have this magical healing effect in their hands, and I must say it is a sort of God’s gift to you – you have been generously pouring on your clientele. My warm blessings and love to you Manasi. Keep healing the world & the world will whirl around you to get its energies revived with your magical touch again & again……Amen !!!”

D. Gupta, India

“Eion and I have known Manasi for many years now. I initially got to know her when Eion treated me to a massage session with her. Always gentle and calm it is lovely to spend time with Manasi and gain a broader and deeper understanding of the world of nutrition and optimum health. I gifted my sister Yvonne (see review below) a voucher so that she could benefit from Manasi’s skill and presence. She loved the experience and is now encouraging her husband who suffers from many ailments to visit Manasi a well.”

Annette, North Shore

“I loved my first Ayurvedic Massage and Reiki Session with Manasi. I left feeling really relaxed in body and mind. Manasi has a lovely soft manner and good healing hands. I look forward to my next session with her.”

Yvonne, Auckland

“I love going to see Manasi. I feel relaxed as soon as I’m welcomed into the space. Manasi helps with a number of concerns and every time I leave I feel great. The Ayurveda massage is one of my favourites. Can’t wait for my next one.”

A. J. Eyres, Auckland

“I booked in for Manasi’s total pampering package and that’s exactly what it was – a totally pampering experience. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to de-stress or just spoil themselves. Well worth it.”

Catherine, North Shore

“I really enjoy Manasi’s healing Reiki sessions and I’ve had many of them now. She is great at bringing loving calm energy to wherever it is needed in the body and so removing pain and tension. Her sessions always produce great results and they are fun too! Manasi is also very experienced and knowledgeable about nutrition, remedies and food. She has really helped me a lot in this area. I highly recommend Manasi !!”

Brian, North Shore

“Manasi is a beautiful sensitive soul embodying gentleness and loving kindness. I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki session with her which was very relaxing and nurturing. If it is nurturing you require Manasi is a goddess of healing and peace.”

Terry, Auckland

“Ayurveda Massage is replenishing and revitalizing. Manasi has a delicate and sensitive touch which opens the body to healing and relaxation. I thoroughly recommend Manasi as a way to reconnect to higher conscious awareness of your body and lovingly reveal the areas that need more work and attention.”

Gina, Pakuranga

“How to describe something that is truly amazing… Manasi is a very skilled therapist, has gifted hands and is always happy and friendly. Having a massage (or facial) with her is a wonderful relaxing experience. Every session seems to be tailor-made according how you feel at that day. You can also take home lots of precious information about general well-being. I can highly recommend Manasi!!”

Juergen, Orewa

“I am French and for the past four years I have been living in New Zealand. After trying a lot of different types of massages, I won a massage with Manasi a year ago, and Alleluia I felt restored, rejuvenated and I fell in love with Manasi’s massage. I felt like my life changed because I met a woman with golden fairy hands. I have stopped my visits to chiropractor and I take regular once a month healing massage and Reiki with Manasi. I highly recommend Manasi to anyone who would like a balancing, revitalizing and deeply relaxing experience. I have spread the word among all my friends and now the circle can become wider. If you want to feel liberated, restored and have your smile return, try Manasi’s massage”

Claudine, Auckland

“Before I met Manasi I had been suffering from annoying chest pain caused by stress and anxiety. After the first session with Manasi I felt so relaxed and calm that the pain had 80% gone. After a few more sessions of ayurveda massage with her my chest pain totally disappeared. Manasi is a beautiful soul and I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to experience a deep sense of relaxation.”

Hester, Auckland

“I have had many sessions of Ayurveda massage over the past four years and they are always excellent I highly recommend Manasi”

Stephen, Auckland

“I fully and completely endorse this amazing woman, Manasi Gupta, and her talents – including Reiki therapy massage, personalised mandala’s, nutritional counseling, and meditation guidance and workshops. Please don’t hesitate to contact her for any essence of well-being that you might desire.”

Linda, Auckland

“Manasi has been an amazing support during my time trying to conceive and now pregnancy. Going to see her for massage and reiki helped me on my fertility journey and now really helps me to stay balanced, well and ache free during my pregnancy. She is a great resource for health, healing and happiness.. a very special lady. I look forward to many more sessions in the future!”

Katherine, Auckland

“Manasi has a real gift for Reiki Chakra Balancing massage and sessions are very effective. During her sessions I’ve feel my body release tension and relax to a deeper level. Manasi creates a warm and inviting environment which make these sessions very enjoyable. Afterwards I feel very peaceful, healed, and amazingly refreshed.”

Brian, Auckland

“I am very lucky to have discovered Manasi and her Ayurveda Mandala. She eliminated my chronic stress related back and neck pain after a couple of sessions of Reiki and massage. I have come away from each session with a sense ‘energised calm’, a wonderful balance of inner peace with renewed zest and vigour for life. Colleagues and friends have begun commenting on my presence being ‘energising’ yet peaceful.
Now, I even take my eight and half year old to Manasi for Reiki sessions. I am noticing greater focus and concentration in my child.
I couldn’t recommend Manasi strongly enough for her amazing ability to heal and balance your body, spirit and mind. She is also a great source of information and guidance about food, nutrition and lifestyle choices.
I am currently changing over to organic foods slowly and she is guiding me through that process.
Manasi and Ayurveda Mandala is my one stop shop for holistic wellbeing and I would urge you to try her out for yourself too!”

Rhea, Auckland

“I have been having massages for years as I have an auto immune disease and experience constant back pain. I have had two sessions with Manasi and I can truly say I have felt wonderful after both sessions. We have worked out a treatment plan where I will be going for a treatment once a fortnight in the evening. By having the treatment in the evening I will benefit from a better night sleep. Not only is Manasi working on my back issue, I am also having a mindfulness experience. The treatment room provides a calm and peaceful environment. I walk in stressed, sore and my mind racing. I walk out relaxed, lighter and a sense of happiness. I would recommend Manasi for anyone that needs to relax, has a health issue or is in need of some ‘me time’.”

Samantha, Auckland

“I was given a voucher to see Manasi from my work colleagues when I left my job recently. Such a lovely, thoughtful gift. I had no idea what to expect however after reading her testimonials I went with an hour and a half of Ayurvedic Massage and Reiki. All I can say is “amazing”! I left Manasi floating on air and for a couple of weeks after I still felt soooo relaxed. I know there is a lot more to what Manasi can do for me and in time I hope to explore these options. Manasi is such a lovely, caring person and she genuinely cares about helping people. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. In fact, if I won Lotto I’d love to shout all my friends an appointment with Manasi :)”

Nicole, Auckland

“Had a magnificent relaxing massage from Manasi. Just don’t plan much afterwards, it is so relaxing and de-stressing.”

Tony, Auckland

“I have been to Manasi a few times now for massages and have always come away feeling very relaxed. It’s great to be able to see her in the evenings when I have some time to myself and I always have a great night’s sleep afterwards. It is also fantastic to have someone in the local area (Beach Haven)! :)”

Nikki, Auckland

“I first met Manasi at Prana Festival when my husband surprised me with an Ayurvedic facial and massage. I went to the session having no idea what to expect. From the minute Manasi started the session I felt relaxed and calm. The products on my skin felt divine. Each one smelled delicious and no nasty stinging sensations like I have with many other products. When I looked in the mirror after my massage I didn’t recognise the person I saw. My skin felt nourished, vibrant, glowing and soft. I spoke to Manasi about her products and realised they were all ethically produced and certified organic, so no nasty chemicals. I was most excited to discover that she also has a makeup range, so I have started changing over all of my skincare and makeup to World Organic. I can’t believe how much better my skin feels and it isn’t that expensive. I highly recommend you try these products, your skin will love you for it. It also just feels great to give your money to a company that is certified organic, supports fair trade and uses recyclable packaging. I believe it is important people use their business as a force for good in the world, and World Organic is one of those companies”

Sarah, Whangarei

“My first meeting with Manasi I felt a sense of peace. Manasi has a special gift and through her body work was able to release pain and discomfort I was experiencing in my shoulders. The tension release was instant and has not returned. Manasi is very intuitive and has helped me de stress, feel relaxed and more like my true self. Thank you Manasi.”

Alecia, Auckland

“During my visit to Auckland, I received massage and Reiki sessions from Manasi. I felt immensely relaxed , healed up, in utter peace and harmony to receive Chakra-Reiki Massage from Manasi. This was not a regular massage, it was really a spiritual massage. When I was under this spiritual massage session, I was completely in the state of BLISS…..!
Light tapping and blowing in between the massage from head to toe was like passing energy to me by her healing touch. Through her this meditative and intuitive touch, it seems as if she transfers universal energy to the body that heals the body ache, headache and many commonly known pains – that set hard in our body and we carry them and keep ourselves engaged in mundane things unbothered about those nasty pains. These pains are really nasty because they set so deep in our body parts that gradually they start turning into horrifying diseases. So, if we tackle our physical ailments at the initial stage with Reiki massage – we can avoid major health hazards holistically and happily. Thanks Manasi for giving me the wealth of health and the blissful experience as well as reviving my God granted faculties to live life up to the brim…!! This adage is true – Healthy mind in a healthy body……..!
I feel now myself a much better thinker and much better ‘writer’ than before.”

Deepti, India

“I have been visiting Manasi for some time now – I always look forward immensely for the sense of peace I get after a visit. Manasi doesn’t just give a massage, she provides an experience which is calming and relaxing and I always leave feeling ‘at peace’ with myself. The fact that my whole body feels good too, is almost just a bonus! But I do feel good, physically and mentally and look forward to my sessions with excited anticipation. Thank you Manasi.”

Margaret, Auckland

“I can highly recommend Manasi’s healing and relaxing Reiki healing and massage sessions…. definitely the best I have had.And her knowledge of healing and Ayurvedics, as well as foods and nutrition, makes a session worthwhile in so many ways. Don’t miss out! And it’s a wonderful gift to give to your loved one’s!”

Linda, Auckland

“I always look forward to Manasi’s body massage or facial (with organic products which is important to me). With her very pleasant and calm personality she creates a wonderful atmosphere and when I leave I feel completely renewed. A real delight!. I will keep coming back!”

Monika, Orewa

“In a busy working week a session with Manasi is a real highlight. She really has a magic touch. I come away from her healing sessions feeling blissfully soothed. I have experienced great relief from stiff shoulders and computer overuse. I have just floated away— I would heartily recommend her! “

Kay, Auckland

“Manasi’s massages are amazing. As you relax and trust and feel safe and warm in her beautiful healing room your body, mind and soul recalibrate and realign with each other and you leave with a feeling of calm and peace – a true gift. Thank-you Manasi!”

Nessta, Auckland

“I was more than 3 weeks late with my menstruation and suffered from general pain. I went to see my GP, had various tests done but we could not find anything wrong with me. I called Manasi to book an hours massage. I was very warmly welcome, and put in a cosy room, with lovely music, where I had the best oil massage I ever had, from head to toes. I could have fallen asleep. I realised how stressed I was coming in, and coming out I was just a different person. That night, I slept extremely well, and the next morning, my period arrived. I was so happy, I called Manasi to let her know what wonderful hands and knowledge she had.”

Karine, Auckland

“As a singer Manasi has helped me free up my body and release mental attitudes to enable me to be a better performer. Having tried quite a few massage therapists, Manasi is outstanding in her gift of massage touch and aligning energies, whether it’s pampering or healing that you need, this works!”

Clare, Auckland

“The massages I have received from Manasi are deeply relaxing. Tension, anxiety, and stress that you do not even realise you have melts away with her touch. I feel like I am in the hands of a very experienced and skilled practitioner. Manasi has a genuine & tranquil nature. The massage room is a warm and softly lit environment that helps my mind to slow down. Throughout the massage I feel my body unwinding and my thoughts drifting away. After the completion of the massage my mind is clear, and my body revitalised.”

Richard, Auckland

“The best word I could use to describe how I felt during your session is ‘heavenly’ – I feel sure that is how heaven might be!!! Afterwards -Relaxed through and through. Just beautiful! Floaty!”

Karen, Auckland

“Manasi’s skilled and beautiful touch carries me to a realm of tranquil peace and deep relaxation. I leave with a warm feeling of well-being and refreshment……..thank you Manasi.”

Liz, Australia

“I look forward to my booked time with Manasi with great anticipation and pleasure. The experience is one which I find deeply relaxing and both physically and mentally soothing. Manasi always takes to the time to ask if there are any special areas to focus on and is sincerely interested in making the time spend the most beneficial for her customers. I leave these sessions totally at peace mentally while my body also feels like I’ve indulged it in purepampering and an hour of bliss. Well worth the time and investment spent and I’d highly recommend Manasi to anyone contemplating a peaceful and harmonious treat for body and soul.”

Michele, Auckland

“I highly recommend Manasi’s Reiki healing session, was very relaxing…”

Prem, Auckland

“I have had most relaxing massage session with Manasi. She created a calm and supportive environment and I felt wonderful throughout and after the appointment!! Highly recommended !! Also Manasi has a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to eating a healthy and balanced diet.”

Annette, Auckland

“Manasi has been an amazing support during my time trying to conceive and now pregnancy. Going to see her for massage and reiki helped me on my fertility journey and now really helps me to stay balanced, well and ache free during my pregnancy. She is a great resource for health, healing and happiness, a very special lady. I look forward to many more sessions in the future.”

Katherine, Auckland