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Holistic Ayurvedic Massage

Body, Mind and Soul Consciousness the Ancient, Wise and Soft way to Balance, Health and Beauty.

Ayurveda means “the science of life“: Ayus means Life, Veda means Knowledge or Science. With more than 5,000 years old, Ayurveda is considered to be the Mother of all healing systems. Its beauty lies in its philosophy of living in tune with nature which makes it adaptable to all times. The Universe according to Ayurveda is composed of the five great elements (Panchmahabhuta) – Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These elements are responsible for all the living and non-living substances in this universe. The human body is also composed of the five great elements. Ayurveda aims at keeping the Panchmahabhuta in their natural balance. It is a holistic system which combines diet, herbs and natural substances, nutrition, massage, lifestyle, relaxation techniques, meditation, mantras, yantras, cleansing and regenerating programmes in order to bring the body, mind and soul in balance, health and harmony.

Ayurvedic Massage Ayurvedic Massages are conducted with warm and fragrant medicated herbal oils. These oils are based on Sesame or Coconut oils which are cooked with various healing herbs for many days. According to the warming and cooling properties of the herbs, these oils are categorised into Vata, Pitta and Kapha oils. Vata oil is used to regenerate, nourish and warm up the body. Pitta oil cools and harmonises an over-heated body and Kapha oil helps to detoxify, lose weight and stimulate the metabolism.

Description of various therapies –

Abhyang – Ayur Massage

regenerating full body warm oil massage

  • this flowing massage relaxes the muscles and any tensions held in over a long period of time
  • calms the nervous system, brings deep relaxation and induces sound sleep
  • detoxifies and purifies the body due to the stimulation of lymphatic system
  • improves the complexion and skin texture
  • soothes joint problems and arthritis
  • reduces the stress level & leaves you deeply relaxed and regenerated
  • leaves you with a feeling of well-being

120 Min: $115 ; 90 Min: $90 ; 60 Min: $65

Kundalini – Ayur Massage

invigorating back-neck-shoulder massage

  • this intensive massage is for the back, neck, shoulder and head
  • it gives a deep relaxation along the spinal cord, energises the whole body-mind system and dissolves blocked energy
  • relaxes the nervous system

60 Min: $65 ; 45 Min: $50

Shiroabhyang – Ayur Massage

deeply relaxing indian head massage

  • relaxing massage that takes away all your worries and tensions
  • promotes deep sleep and regulates sleeping rhythm, cures insomnia

60 Min: $65 ; 30 Min: $35

Padabhyang – Ayur Massage

soothing foot and leg massage

  • acupressure points are worked on in the legs and feet resulting in balancing the entire energy system
  • relaxes restless legs and feet
  • leaves you feeling realxed and energised

60 Min: $65 ; 30 Min: $35

Synchronised Ayur Massage

two therapist full body warm oil massage – a real treat!!

Synchronised-Ayur Massage In a synchronised massage, two therapists work together in a harmonious and rhythmic way. This luxurious and intensive Ayurvedic massage stimulates the complete circulation and lymphatic system, detoxifies the body, dissolves the energetic blockades and tensions and activates the self healing powers of body, mind and soul. We are offering two types of Massages – Ayur Relax Massage and Ayur Energy Massage.

60 Min: $120 ; 30 Min: $60

Mukhabhyang Ayur Massage – Rejuvenating Organic Facial

an amazing organic facial treatment that your skin will love

I would love you to experience my rejuvenating facial massage (Mukhabhyanga). Facial can be combined with head-neck-shoulder massage, hands and feet massage or a full body massage. I use certified organic products from World Organic (certified by BioGro). These products are nourishing, therapeutic and deeply hydrating. They are formulated with a synergistic blend of Ayurvedic herbs, supercritical plant extracts, cold pressed oils and healing essential oils. The skin is drenched with the pure goodness in order to regenerate and radiate from within. I also give easy and effective tips on how to take care of your skin on a regular basis.

120 min: $130 ; 90 min: $100 ; 60 Min: $70 ; 45 Min: $55

Pamper Package – Rejuvenating Organic Facial AND Abhyang – Ayur Massage

a complete divinely delicious treatment

Best of both worlds, this session combines the full body warm oil massage with the rejuvenating facial with certified organic skincare products. It is a complete treatment which will leave you deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. Your skin will love the pure goodness of organic products. An ideal gift for yourslef or your beloved one. Be pampered!

120 min: $130 ; 90 min: $100 ; 60 Min: $70


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