I have been suffering from thyroid issues leading to various other problems including weight gain. I also had very low Vitamin D, Haemoglobin and iron levels which made my energy levels very very low. Manasi’s holistic nutritional advise helped me to transform my health like a miracle. I am now an energetic person as opposed to dull and lethargic.  I have lost weight and have now come to a healthy weight that I was wishing for since so long. Manasi combines healthy and balanced  nutrition with herbs, medicinal mushrooms, supplements, intermittant fasting, meditation and exercise to address the issues and it works like magic.


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After winter months, it feels intuitively right to gently detox the body, tone the inner organs and prepare for the seasons ahead. A detox process can be done with ease and it does not need to feel like a massive effort combined with a feeling of deprivation.

I am offering a Spring Detox & Rejuvenation  Programme by integrating my experience and knowledge gained over the decades in Ayurvedic Constitutional Way of Being, Tonic Herbs, Functional Mushrooms, Meditation and more.

Benefits of Spring Detox:

  • let go of any toxic accumulations over the winter months
  • tone and rejuvenate all your inner organs
  • heal your gut and balance your microbiome
  • strengthen your joints, rebuild cartilage and improve bone health
  • find your happy weight
  • sharpen your brain and cognitive function
  • lighten and uplift your spirit
  • create space for mindfulness and slowing down

I guide my clients in a way which they can easily integrate in their daily lives and reap the benefits of the cleanse. If you like to be supported in your journey of health and well-being, please give me a call or email me. I look forward to welcoming you.




Having seen Manasi for only a month I had significant improvement in my comfort. I had been diagnosed with extreme inflammation that caused pain in one of my hip areas. Manasi treated me with ayurvedic and aromatherapy massage, reiki healing and a nutritional session complete with her gentleness & wisdom. End result having revisited my muscular skeletal specialist the inflammation had gone, my family noticed a difference in my walk too. Well I’m happy, still following Manasi’s advice and having regular massage, I am more relaxed and sleeping better too. Note – I do have a pretty intense managerial job so it is critical for me to manage that with good health care – prevention rather than repair.


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