Have known lovely Manasi for over 2-3 years now from recommendation from my best friend’s and receiving an bday voucher from them to experience. Love her amazing work and her personality. Have recommended friends and family to go to her. However my Mother had an magical experience in 2018 from Manasi’s magical hands and healing power! My Mom was experiencing a lot of back and side pain for an very long time that doctors had told us after an xray that she could possibly be diagnosed with a type of bone cancer in her ribs that may be spread further in her body but cannot be confirmed until after an bone scan being done. Days prior to the bone scan, I brought Mom to Manasi for the first time for an massage to help cure some of her existing pain in her body. After Manasi was aware of the current situation she attempted some deep healing and massaging on her. Mom went home feeling incredible and the day came for her scan. The results came back all clear and they could not find any sight of any negativity like that anymore and my Mom truly believes with all her heart that Manasi was the answer to those thankful results we received! Thank you so much Manasi for everything, my Mom still feels the same results coming to you then after and because of that she and I will be visiting you more frequently! 💖 Please keep up your amazing work and I hope everyone else who reads our story will experience this too!!! Much love to you and see you again soon


Reiki is the life force energy and  a healing way, guided by the Higher Intelligence. Reiki is made up of of two words Rei and Ki. Rei is the Higher or the Divine intelligence that is omnipresent. Rei is also God. Ki is the equivalent of Chi in China, Prana in India. It is that non-physical energy or life energy that flows through every living being which means humans, animals and plants.

In my session there is stillness, pure love and nurture, which is what is needed to feel safe. When one feels safe, they can deeply relax and slowly let go of their fears, armors and self sabotaging patterns, thereby allowing themselves to free up their life energy to be truly joyful, to fully live their true potential and become better versions of themselves. ❤

  • Reiki cannot be guided by the mind as it has its own innate intelligence.
  • It works directly in the subconscious and unconscious part of this human system called body/mind.
  • It knows where to flow and dissolves any blockages that contain negative Ki- inhibiting thoughts and feelings, thereby allowing the healthy flow of Ki.
  • This helps the body to repair and regenerate.
  • The organs that are diseased or out of balance receive nourishment and nurturing and the balance gets restored and health is regained.

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I’ve experienced Reiki with a number of masters and I have to say the experience I have each time with Manasi is on another level, a higher one. She is simply in her own league as a practitioner…….you’ll need to experience this to find out





Beach Haven, North Shore, Auckland

021 132 5701