Microbiome is the source of all life. Without microbiome none of these will exist – healthy soils, nutrient-dense food, our digestive gut health and human health. All life on this earth including us humans depends on microbiome. It is that crucial.

Unfortunately due to excessive abuse of pesticides and antibiotics like glyphosate, the soil is depleted of good bacteria, which in turn affects the plants that grow in it. Beneficial pollinating insects like bees are overloaded with toxins and are dying. We NEED the bees to have a variety of food on our table.

Humans are increasingly suffering from chronic diseases from very young age. Leaky gut, digestive issues, gluten sensitivity, coeliac disease, auto immune disorders, autism, brain fog, anxiety, eczema and other skin issues – to name a few – these all are directly related to glyphosate.

Let’s pause and observe, take a good look at what is happening around us, then apply the innate intelligence of nature in order to transform our health and humanity. When we work with nature, nourish our mother earth, let its biodiversity flourish, it will give us much more back.

The solutions lie in:

  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Bio-dynamic Farming
  • Working closely with soil, walking bare feet on earth, so the microbiome can enter your body
  • Eating straight from the garden to replenish your gut with the biodiversity of soil microbiome
  • Eating fresh wholefoods as much as possible
  • Supporting organic farmers
  • Supporting locally grown food as much as possible
  • Using plants and herbal medicine to keep your system strong and balanced
  • Using functional/medicinal mushrooms in daily routine – they help build gut microbiome

I am sharing below some links, that will give you a deeper knowledge as well as understanding about these pressing issues. Hope this inspires you further in your health journey and to contribute to nourishing our mother earth.

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