1 cup / 100gm Raw Cacao Powder

1 cup / 120gm Cocoa Butter

1/3 cup / 60g Coconut Oil

5 tbsp Coconut or Maple Syrup

5 drops Stevia

1 tsp Reishi Extract

2 tsp Tremella Extract

1 tsp He Shou Wu Extract

2-4 drops food grade orange oil or 1 tsp vanilla extract

pinch of salt


In a bowl mix all dry ingredients. In a double boiler, melt the cacoa butter and coconut oil. Add coconut syrup and flavour extract. Now slowly add the dry mix, gently stirring with a whisk, until all well combined. Pour in a silicon mould or spread on a plate layered with wax paper. Freeze for 4 hours until solid. Take out from the moulds or break into chocolate barks if using the plate. Store in an airtight glass container in fridge. If kept in room temperature it will be a bit soft due to coconut oil. 

Nutritional Properties:

Medicinal Mushrooms and Tonic herbs give t his raw chocolate an edge over other chocolates. Reishi is grounding for the nervous system, it also neutralises the acidic effects of cacao. He Shou Wu supports the adrenals and kidney energy and goes really well with cacao. Tremella gives the chocolate a creamy texture, vaniila flavour and is hydrating for the skin. This is an ultimate tonic chocolate that you will love!