Reiki is a healing technique that is guided by the Higher Intelligence. Reiki is made of two words Rei and Ki. Rei is the Higher or the Divine intelligence that is omnipresent. Rei is also God. Ki is the equivalent of Chi in China, Prana in India. It is that non-physical energy or life energy that flows through every living being which means humans, animals and plants. Reiki is the life force energy guided by the Higher Intelligence. It cannot be guided by the mind as it has its own innate intelligence. Reiki activates the self healing mechanism of the body and mind. It works directly in the subconscious and unconscious part of this human system called body/mind. It knows where to flow and dissolves any blockages that contain negative Ki- inhibiting thoughts and feelings, thereby allowing the healthy flow of Ki. This helps the body to repair and regenerate. The organs that are diseased or out of balance receive nourishment and nurturing and the balance gets restored and health is regained.

Children respond beautifully to the energy of Reiki. Reiki will not only enhance their overall well-being but also help focus in their studies and other activities.

How a Reiki session can benefit your child:

  • has a calming effect and thus will relax an overactive child
  • improves the quality of sleep
  • helps cope with stress of school and exams as it’s is very de-stressing for the mind
  • helps focus and perform better at studies and other activities
  • balances the chakras and any other imbalances in the body/mind
  • if there are any negative patterns or habits, they will also dissolve with Reiki

I am offering Reiki sessions for children and teenagers. Reiki session will be a duration of 30 min – 60 min. For chidren under 12 years of age, session fee will be discounted. If you wish to make an appointment, please contact me.