Ingredients: makes 4 rolls

2 nori sheets for Sushi

2 rice paper sheets for Spring Rolls

Lettuce, kale and mustard leaves

1/4 Red cabbage, 1 beetroot and 2 carrots processed in a food processor

Carrots, cucumber, zucchini thinly sliced

1 avocado

Ground sesame seeds


Method Raw Sushi:

Place the nori on the bamboo mat. Arrange some green leaves in the centre. Take about 2 tbsp of cabbage-beetroot-carrot mix and spread thinly. Arrange the sliced vegetable and avocado. Sprinkle the ground sesame seeds. Roll it and cut in bite sized pieces. Enjoy with tamari and wasabi.

Method Spring Rolls:

Dip the rice paper in warm water. Place it on your cutting board. Spread the cabbage-beetroot-carrot mix in the centre and some sliced vegetables and avocado. Lift the sides and stick them in the centre. Start rolling from top to bottom and allowing it to stick as you roll. Enjoy with a dip.