Reishi or Ganoderma Lucidum as it is called in Latin is the Queen of Medicinal Mushrooms. Reishi has been traditionally used to support the immune system, relieve stress, as an adaptogenic herb, promote deep sleep, build inner resilience, strengthen the spirit and calm the mind. It is also considered a spiritual herb that support the “Shen” – the spiritual essence of our being. In western science Reishi is recognised as a power immune and adaptogenic herb. It also supports the gut-brain healing process in that its bitter properties help heal the the liver, gall bladder and gut, which supports the brain function positively and vice versa.

My journey with Reishi began in Jan 2019. I was looking for an overall support for my immune and nervous system. I needed to improve the quality of my sleep which was broken and ability to stay more relaxed in day to day activities and be able to really wind down in the evening. I also wanted to increase resilience and adaptability to stress. When I first took Reishi, I remember a feeling of calm entering my mind and water, like a calm lake with no ripples. This was a very pleasant experience and after six months of taking it, I still feel that effect.

Reishi has a mild bitter taste which can be easily disguised with honey if one does not like bitter taste. However bitter taste is equally important like the other five tastes – sweet, salty, sour, astringent and pungent. Bitter foods are not very often used by people in daily life. By including Reishi you get that bitter component of the taste which is important to release digestive juices thereby improving digestion, support liver and gall bladder.

I like to take Reishi in these ways –

  • in hot water with honey
  • in chicory-dandelion root tea with honey
  • in hot chocolate
  • in coffee which I drink occasionally. Reishi when taken in coffee neutralizes the acidic properties of coffee thus preventing the negative side effects like jitters, nervous tension, dryness and stomach upset.

I prefer taking Reishi in later afternoon and evening as it helps me to wind down and relax. However some days I take it in the morning or day time and it gives the feeling of calm and clear headed energy which I find more sustainable. I have also taken it in moments of emotional stress and very quickly it helped calm down that intense energy. It is like that caring friend, who supports and loves you especially when you need it in challenging times.

I have been taking Reishi since 6 months and I can clearly see the difference it has made to my health and well-being. I usually had a good immune and hardly ever got sick, however since Reishi is in my life, my immune strength is on a different level. It feels robust. I had a toe nail fungus since a year or so, which is now healing as well, I believe its Reishi which helped as toe nail fungus is a sign of some immune and gut weakness which is now being rectified.

I feel on the whole balanced and be able to handle challenging situations in a calmer way. The quality of my sleep has improved and I sleep deeper and longer than before. To conclude, from my experience I can say that Reishi is a transformative tonic herb and everyone deserves to enjoy the health and well being that Reishi brings.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I truly hope this helps you in some way on your journey of true health. If you have questions please feel free to contact me via Contact Form or on 021 132 5701.

“I started using Reishi in January to help with insomnia. From the first time I took it I noticed a mellow, calming effect. My sleep still isn’t prefect but the Reishi definitely helps! For people who feel wired or worried at night time, this is a must. I take it either on it’s own with hot water or steep it with chamomile and lavender and then add a dash of coconut cream and some honey.”

Gemma, Auckland

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