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Mind Body Health Package – Ayurvedic Massage & Ayurvedic Nutrition

This is a complete holistic combination of Ayurvedic Massage and Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation to address root cause of any issues that you might have & help you achieve optimum health and well-being

60 min massage plus full consultation $180

90 min massage plus full consultation $210

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Pamper your Sole

Foot Spa incl foot massage combined with head, neck and shoulder massage and Chakra Reiki

90 min – $90 ; 60 min $65

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Rejuvenating Facial Package

Rejuvenating Organic facial combined with Chakra Reiki and head, neck and shoulder massage

   90 min – $100

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Client Reviews

“How to describe something that is truly amazing… Manasi is a very skilled therapist, has gifted hands and is always happy and friendly. Having a massage (or facial) with her is a wonderful relaxing experience. Every session seems to be tailor-made according how you feel at that day. You can also take home lots of precious information about general well-being. I can highly recommend Manasi!!”

Monika, Auckland


I have been suffering from thyroid issues leading to various other problems including weight gain. I also had very low Vitamin D, Haemoglobin and iron levels which made my energy levels very very low. Manasi’s holistic nutirtional advise helped me to transform my health like a miracle. I am now an energetic person as opposed to dull and lethargic.  I have lost weight and have now come to a healthy weight that I was wishing for since so long. Manasi combines healthy and balanced  nutrition with herbs, medicinal mushrooms, supplements, intermittant fasting, meditation and exercise to address the issues and it works like magic.

Deepti, India


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Pregnancy and Post-Natal Care

Pregnancy and Post – Natal Ayurvedic Massage

 (this includes body work and mini consultation)

60min : $70 ; 90 min: $95

60 min Massage PLUS Complete Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation: $180

90 min Massage PLUS Complete Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation: $210

Pregnancy is a time when a mother-to-be needs extra care, love and nurturing not only for herself but also for the baby she is nurturing inside her womb. Needless to say that I also offer post-natal massage and healing sessions as well as massage and nutrition consultations for women who are trying to get pregnant. In my work experience, I have observed that high stress life and acidic food choices can contribute towards difficulty in becoming pregnant. I offer help with all that and more issues by working with you on your nutrition and lifestyle and creating a program together with you that is custom made for your constitution and health condition, that you can easily integrate in your busy life and optimize your health and well being.

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve had fortnightly massages with Manasi which have been amazing. Any aches and pains I’ve felt in my hips and back were quickly relieved, making my pregnancy really easy. She has created such a calming environment and the massages have helped to relax my mind and body. I highly recommend anyone who is pregnant to book in for regular massages”

Rochelle, Auckland

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As a Birthday gift to all my valued clients, I offer 15% discount* on any of my 60 min or 90 min Ayurvedic Massage and Chakra Reiki sessions. You can of course book the session for a later time if you can’t come for your massage in your Birthday month, the birthday discount will be still applied.

*This offer can not be combined with other promotions


 Concession rates on a series of 3 sessions (10%) or 5 sessions (15%) are available



A healing massage can be a thoughtful gift of love to your beloved ones.

Pamper your loved ones by gifting them one of my Pamper Packages, Ayurvedic Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic warm oil massage, Chakra Reiki Session or Ayurvedic Wholefoods Nutrition Consultation.

*Gift Vouchers valid for 6 months from date of issue


Refer a friend – receive 20% discount 

As a thank you for sharing about my work, I will offer your next session discounted by 20% (standard rates apply*), when your friend books a session with me.

*This offer can not be combined with other promotions

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