Ayurveda Mandala – Winter Warming Offers

treat yourself or a friend to one of my rejuvenating treatments

“In a busy working week a session with Manasi is a real highlight. She really has a magic touch. I come away from her healing sessions feeling blissfully soothed. I have experienced great relief from stiff shoulders and computer overuse. I have just floated away— I would heartily recommend her! “

Kay Brown, Birkdale, Auckland, New Zealand

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Conscious Energy Touch

 90 min – $85 ; 60 min – $60

a delicious combination of Reiki and Ayurvedic Massage

Invigorating Kundalini Massage

60 min – $60 ; 45 min – $45

this session will invigorate and relax at the same time, just the right thing to warm up in winters

Shiroabhyanga and Padabhyanga

60 min – $60 ; 45 min – $45

a perfect combination of head, feet and leg massage, helping you ground


CONCESSION RATE on series of Massage and Energy Healing

(excludes facial treatments)

3 sessions 90 min each for $240

3 sessions 60 min each for $165

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