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Happy Weight Programme

What is a happy weight for you? If you are struggling to lose weight, have tried many diets and nothing seems to keep a weight that you feel happy with, then may be you need to look into what is your constitution, what food combinations you are taking and accordingly review your habits. I have created a  programme based on Ayurvedic Constituional Analysis, the right combination of wholefoods, exercise, supplements and massage to suit you constitution. In this way not only a sustainable shift into your overall well-being and health can be made, but you will also enjoy a happy weight that makes you feel good.

This programme is for a time period of three months to give you enough time to make the shift. It includes nutritional and supplemental  guidance and plan, exercise schedule, special weight reduction massage and lifestyle guidance. Weekly / Fortnightly support will be given via email, skype or in person.

 Contact me to book a free no obligation 30 min talk to discuss requirements. Skype appointments are also available.