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“My dad had surgery done to his eye because he his eye pressure was very high and was at the risk of developing Glaucoma. After surgery he was prescribed eye drops which he needs to use regularly to keep the eye pressure in check. And those drops he uses causes his eyes to turn bloodshot red always. After using the wand for like a few weeks now .. there is a marked improvement in the redness. No longer as red as it used to be. Which is a huge win. I had a ligament replacement surgery on my right knee in 2018. Ever since I have had problems with the right knee becoming super stiff and constant pain due to pulling. WANDING my knee provides me great relief. For a couple of hours after wanding it feels like it’s completely normal. We are excited to have this in our lives. Hoping it will make a lot more difference in our health”
Ashwin, California
iTeraCare Wands

Integrates 3-in-1 Core Technology *

Terahertz  |  Scalar Wave | Optical Quartz

Terahertz Frequency

Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as normal human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second thus activating healthy & dormant cells, while eliminating unhealthy cells & free radicals.

Scalar Wave

Generates Scalar Wave Energy that energizes our cells, balances bodily systems, strengthens the body, produces healing energy, and penetrates deeper into the vital organs.

Optical Quartz

Optical Quartz amplifies the energy generated by the device, creating a more powerful result. Mimics 1/40 of the sunlight’s UV energy. It strengthens auric fields in the body.

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iTeraCare Wands

“The first time I used the wand on  my sensitive and slightly stiff knee, it felt relaxed and loose after a few hours. I have been using the wand for over 2 months. My sleep has become way deeper and my hair is no longer falling heavily. My energy levels feel steady and the emotional well-being has improved tremendously. It relaxes and calms my nervous system as I do the wanding and feels comforting. I had a headache the other day. I wanded for 2 minutes and headache disappeared after 5 minutes. Usually my headache would have lasted a few hours. I am truly grateful for the iTeraCare Wand.  It gives a sense of coherence and balance. It is a great holistic and advanced device that works on all levels – as a first-aid hands on support, for long term anti-aging and rejuvenation and to enhance mental and emotional well-being. It is empowering to know that I have something at hand at home if I need any kind of support. I wand daily as a part of my regular self care routine and love it!”

Manasi, Auckland

comparison with other modalities

How does it work? *

​Radiant Heat

Current is passed through a coiled, Nichrome element, creating both radiant, and infrared heat.

Optical Quartz

As infrared waves pass through the optical grade, quartz tube, excited electrons begin to vibrate.

Terahertz Technology

Significantly void of impurities, the optical quartz tube’s vibration generates Terahertz frequencies.

Convection Current

As Terahertz frequencies are generated, convection currents force the radiant air from the fused, quartz tube.

Transdermal Delivery

When the iTeracare wand is pointed toward the body, non-ionizing frequencies are delivered directly through the skin.

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“l have been using the iTeraCare Wand for 3 months now.
1) It surprisingly healed the pain in my left hand thumb area, that was troubling me for the last four years (since 2018).
2) It healed my gut problem magically and other petty problems that I had but can not describe.
3) It gave me more deep sleep. Now, when once I sleep, I get up at 5.00 or 5.30 in the morning. While before using the device, I used to get up once in the midnight….and we all know, when a person wakes up, it takes a while to get back to sleep again. But now, all this doesn’t happen. There is no midnight sleep-break at all.
4) I have a Cist on my arm for the last 20 – 25 years. It started reducing after the use of this device, gradually and has reduced a lot.
Since it developed, 20 or 25 years ago, so I feel, it will take time to be vanished completely and the signs are there of its vanishing process.
As we all see that any simple ailment takes time to be cured, so no wonder if my 20-25 yrs old Cist takes time and every week its size is reducing – I am satisfied and more than happy to see the result.
I wish everyone good health and happiness through this great domestic health granting device.”

Deepti, India

iTeraCare facial treatment

Science and Terahertz *

Non-Ionizing Energy

Unlike X-rays, for example, terahertz can still penetrate the body, but because of the low energy, it is non-ionizing and harmless.

Hydrogen Bonds

The characteristic energy of the hydrogen bond, which is the most dominant bond in biological molecules, lies in the THz frequency range.

Cell Therapy

Researchers from the RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics have found that terahertz frequencies may have applications in manipulating cell functions for the treatment of certain medical conditions.

Precision Targeting

A recent Scientific Reports study found that terahertz frequencies when targeting specific areas of the body can affect proteins inside cells without harming or altering the cells themselves

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iTeraCare benefits

Benefits of using the iTeraCare Wand *

Over 6 years of Research and Development

  • Activates stem cells
  • Repairs damaged cells
  • Detoxes the lymph system
  • Improves circulation
  • Strengthens organ fucntion
  • Regulates immune systems
  • Anti-aging effetcs on the skin

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iTeraCare stem cells activation
iTeraCare stem cells activation

Facebook Groups *

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“I sprained my ankle while jumping over a fence. After a few hours the pain started to show up. I did the wanding for 5 min, and the pain became intense as part of the ‘healing climax’. Next day the pain from the sprain was gone by 95%. I wanded again and by the end of the day, healing was done and my ankle  was restored. This is the fastest I have recovered from a sprain.”
Dieter R. Auckland
iTeraCare radiation tests

“We have been using the wand for a few weeks now. The water feels good. I had problems in the lower back. It has improved a lot. Sleep is also better. Very much recommended. Many thanks to Manasi for the idea of the wand. It’s a magic wand!”

Pradeep and Mutriba, Germany

Science based information *

Prospects for THz Therapy: Effective treatment of Affections Caused by COVID-19

THz Radiation Therapy : Scientific Evidence of Efficacy & Central Nervous System by Dr Douglas Kong

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iTeraCare infographic on how to use the wand


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“Very good news with our loved cat Anoushka (14 yrs old). She started having problems with kidney disease. No appetite, loss of energy, drinking water all the time, could not retract her claws any more and could not jump on a chair any longer, her fur looked dull, isolating herself in a corner of the room. I tried the wand on her.She was first frightened because of the sound but accepted the 10 mins treatment from the second day onwards. (I used no 2 on the wand) Even after the 2nd day there was big improvement, after 6 days she looked and behaved completely healed. She was eating with appetite, putting on more weight, stopped drinking water continuously, her fur became shiny, she could jump again on to my lap or a chair and went for explorations in the garden. She looks happy and is purring a lot.”
Uta H. Taupo

Wishing you a vibrant health so you can live your true purpose