Vita Biosa Probiotic Organic Herbal Mix 1000ml - Sweet - SKU VBS1000


Featuring Product of the  month: VITA BIOSA PROBIOTIC

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Vita Biosa Probiotic is an excellent gut and immune supporting product. It constitutes of effective micro-organisms and 14 herbs which are fermented. It is complete with probiotics, enzymes and healing properties of these herbs, which makes it a very effective healing elixir. It is made in Europe and we have been lucky to have it here. Vita Biosa comes in two flavours –  Aronia and Sweet. There is separate product for pets as well.

We also have a selection of products like Herbal elixirs from renowned NZ herbalist Malcom Harker, Hemp products from Canada, Raw Amazonia fermented protein powders from Australia.

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