Manasi provides the most caring, professional and warmest of massages.  Every time I have a massage with Manasi I float home.  I have many injuries and I find a massage from Manasi really helps with the pain as well as everyday well-being.  You are the bomb Manasi, thank you.

Ayurvedic Massages - Ayurveda Mandala



90 min $85

(balance and unblock your energies with chakra reiki, head & foot reflexology massage)

more info about my energy healing reiki sessions can be read here


120 min $110 ; 90 min $85

(a rejuvenating session which includes warm oil ayurvedic, aromatherapy massage with essential oils and reiki)


90 min $85

(deeply relax, unwind with warm oil and essential oil massage and reiki )

more info about my massage and healing sessions can be read here


120 min $125 ; 90 min $95 

organic rejuvenating cacao facial combined with ayurvedic aromatherapy massage & reiki – a divinely pampering experience for body and soul!

more info about my facials and pamper package can be read here


 Buy 1 Session, get the 2nd Session at Half Price

(this offer is for any 60 min massage or energy healing session ; two sessions $105 ; you save $35 )

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Spring Detox and Rejuvenation Program

Complete Consultation & Programme designed specially for you: $110

(in person or via skype/zoom/facebook messenger/google hangouts/watsapp)

 Would you like to spring cleanse the temple of your body and mind?

I am offering a Spring Detox & Rejuvenation Programme by integrating my experience and knowledge gained over the decades in Ayurvedic Constitutional Way of Being, Tonic Herbs, Functional Mushrooms, Meditation and more. My approach is to help people regain balance, homeostasis and connection to their intuition. My detox process  is done with ease  and in a flow of your daily life. 

Read more about Spring Detox & Rejuvenation Program

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“Manasi has helped me significantly with health, nutrition and well-being consultation. I very much respect her knowledge and she has really helped me to restore balance in my life and enhance my well-being greatly. Highly recommend!”

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Christmas Gift Vouchers Available*

Gift Vouchers Available*

 ‘A healing massage is a thoughtful gift. 

Treat yourself & your loved ones with love & nurturing.’

*Gift Vouchers valid for 6 months from date of issue

Multi-Sessions Discount *

3 x Massage and Healing Sessions 10% discount offered

5 x Massage and Healing Sessions 15% discount offered

*prepayment required please

Birthday Discount*

Take 15% off of your session. Contact me with your birth-date and book a session. It’s that easy! 

*This offer is open to existing clients only

Referral Discount*

Refer a friend & receive 20% discount on your session* 

*This offer can not be combined with other promotions


Beach Haven, North Shore, Auckland

021 132 5701



Manasi’s Organic Facial was an amazing experience. It was purifying, rejuvenating, relaxing, nourishing and hydrating for my mature skin. My skin is sensitive to sun and tends to get sun spots, flare ups and rashes if exposed to sun. Manasi’s therapeutic treatment and gentle touch healed those skin irritations and gave it a luminous glow.


Manasi Gupta