Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation

Would you like to lose weight while eating tons of delicious wholesome food

Would you like to experience vibrant health, high energy, passion and work-life balance?

Are you going through certain health challenges or not able to manage your nutritional requirements due to high demand lifestyle?

Would you like to be free of cravings and dependency on foods and drinks like coffee, chocolate, sugar easily without feeling deprived

Would you like to Improve the quality of your sleep

Would you like to reclaim your Mojo for life

I am trained in Ayurvedic Nutrition and offer professional guidance to help your achieve optimum health and well-being. During the consultation I endeavor to enlighten the client about their body constitution and how certain foods and herbs have beneficial effect for their health condition. I help them understand the preventative and holistic approach in self care using foods for their constitution, herbs, some wholefoods supplements, meditation, exercise and striking a balance. The client and I together design an easy-to-follow nutritional and lifestyle plan suiting their constitution and health requirements that can be easily integrated in their daily life. For more information please give me a call on 021 132 5701 or check here.

Initial Assessment and Full Consultation:

90 min $120 ; 60 min $80

Follow up Session: 45 min $65 ; 30 min $50

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