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“I have struggled for a long time with my mental health particularly anxiety, hypochondria and depression amongst other things… A colleague recommended Manasi to me…..She is so knowledgeable about so many things, like nutrition and essential oils specific to what I need. I’ve come to trust her so much…..It’s been about 3 or 4 months now and even my friends are commenting on how I seem so much more together and chilled out!” Read full testimonial here

Namaste and Warm Greetings

I hope you and your family are well and in good health.

In the past few months there has clearly been a paradigm shift. As intense and challenging as it has been, there are blessings in it as well. The mother earth is having a real break from us humans and able to breathe. I loved this video and would like to share with you (click this link)

Hope you are having quality time with your loved ones and time to nurture your body, mind and soul.

In this edition of newsletter, I  am sharing some information about tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms and their importance in building immune and gut health as well as overall resilience to stress.

There is a delicious recipe shared and last but not the least –

Special Offer on my Online Ayurvedic Mind-Body Health Consultation. 

On my web store tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, herbal tinctures, hemp oil is available to purchase. I make personalized essential oil blends for body and face massage and herbal tea blends.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to help.

PS: I offer Birthday & Referral Discounts and there are Gift Vouchers available on request, more information is below.

PPS: I offer discount on my sessions to low waged or unwaged, please call me to discuss your situation.

Wishing you amazing health, joy and contentment in life! 


Ayurvedic Health Consultation 

 Would you like to get back to balance?


“Manasi has helped me significantly with health, nutrition and well-being consultation. I very much respect her knowledge and she has really helped me to restore balance in my life and enhance my well-being greatly. Highly recommend!”



Are you going through any of these health issues:

Week immune system, getting colds and flu easily, bloating, indigestion, gluten sensitivity and other gut issues

Anxiety, overthinking mind and depression, feeling tired and wired, low resilience to stress

Lack of good quality sleep, can’t go to sleep easily or disturbed sleep, mood fluctuations

Weight gain, sluggishness and lethargy, brain fog and confusion

Gut and overall health are directly related. If the microbiome in gut is not in balance, it can lead to multiple symptoms as described above. I offer professional guidance to support you with these issues and more and achieve optimum health and well-being. During the consultation I endeavor to enlighten the client about their constitution and how certain foods and herbs have beneficial effect for their gut and health condition. Read more….


Special Offer

 (valid till 31st May)

Ayurvedic Mind-Body Health Consultation: $100

(via skype/zoom/facebook messenger/google hangouts/phone)

this is a complete health analysis, including constitution check, diet and lifestyle recommendations, tonic herbs and supplements if required. You will receive a document after the consultation with all the points discussed and a program custom made for you to achieve optimum health and happiness.

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Gift Vouchers Available

A healing massage can be a thoughtful gift of love to your beloved ones.

Pamper your loved ones by gifting them one of my Pamper Packages, Ayurvedic Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic warm oil massage, Chakra Reiki Session or Ayurvedic Health Consultation.

*Gift Vouchers valid for 6 months from date of issue

 Concession rates on Massage & Healing Sessions

3 sessions prepaid: 10% discount

5 sessions prepaid: 15% discount

Tonic Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms

Tonic herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms are also adaptogenic in nature ie – they provide your body what it needs, in order to restore balance or homeostasis.  They help to improve the immune system, nervous system, gut and digestive health, increase overall stress resilience, vigor and vitality.

I have been using these tonic herbal blends from SuperFeast. They are one of the best in the market, premium quality, highly potent products. I have listed a few herbs which are particularly helpful in this direction. Read more.

Testimonials Medicinal Mushrooms – click here

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Ayurvedic wisdom for strong immune

I wrote this blog post with an intention to share some insights and knowledge about how to improve your immune health. Hope this inspires you to stay healthy, strong and positive.

Read here

Sourdough Bread

comforting, wholesome and full of flavour, this home made no-knead sourdough bread is delightful and so easy to make

 Recipe here

Ayurvedic Massage by Manasi

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Massage

 Pregnancy Massage and Post Natal Care

Chakra Reiki & Conscious Energy Touch

“Manasi provides the most caring, professional and warmest of massages.  Every time I have a massage with Manasi I float home.  I have many injuries and I find a massage from Manasi really helps with the pain as well as everyday well-being.  You are the bomb Manasi, thank you.”



 “I really enjoy my sessions with Manasi. I am on the third trimester of my first pregnancy, and it helps me relax and get over all the changes that my body is experiencing. I am very grateful I found her. Totally recommended!’



Testimonials – Massage & Healing – click here

Reiki sessions

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Massage

 60 min : $70 ; 90 min: $95

Chakra Reiki

60 min : $70 ; 90 min: $95

Pamper Package

120 min : $130 ; 90 min: $110

more info about my massage sessions can be read here

Pregnancy and Post Natal Ayurvedic Massage

60 min : $70 ; 90 min: $95

more info about my pregnancy sessions can be read here

 Ayurvedic Mind Body Health Package

This is a complete holistic combination of Ayurvedic Massage and Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation to create a balanced and health promoting lifestyle for you & achieve optimum health & well-being

60 min Massage and Consultation $180

90 min Massage and Consultation $210

more info about my consultation can be read here

April – May Birthdays


As a Birthday gift to all my valued clients, I offer 15% discount* on any of my 60 min or 90 min Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Massage and Chakra Reiki sessions. You can ofcourse book the session at a later time if you can’t come for your massage in your Birthday month, the birthday discount will be still applied.

*This offer can not be combined with other promotions


Refer a friend – receive 20% discount 

As a thank you for sharing about my work, I will offer your next session discounted by 20(standard rates apply*), when your friend books a session with me.

*This offer can not be combined with other promotions


“I’ve experienced Reiki with a number of masters and I have to say the experience I have each time with Manasi is on another level, a higher one. She is simply in her own league as a practitioner…….you’ll need to experience this to find out”


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