Book a 60 min Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation ($80) and Receive a 15 min Rejuvenating Facial Massage and Reiki Session FREE


Rejuvenating Superfoods Facial with Certified Organic Skincare Products, Spirulina and Clay Face Mask 45 min $45


Book a 60 min Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage ($65) and Receive a 15 min Reiki Session FREE


“I felt restored, rejuvenated and I fell in love with Manasi’s massage. I felt like my life changed because I met a woman with golden fairy hands. I take regular once a month healing massage and Reiki with Manasi. I highly recommend Manasi to anyone who would like a balancing, revitalizing and deeply relaxing experience. If you want to feel liberated, restored and have your smile return try Manasi’s massage”

Claudine, Auckland


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