Sep Offer

World Organics – September FREE GIFT

Rivervda’s Replenish Lotus and Rose Attar Face Mask yours FREE on your shopping of $99 *

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* Offer valid till 15th September only!


Massage and Reiki Offers

(valid till 30th September 2016)

Padabhyanga and Chakra Reiki  60 min – $50 ; 45 min – $40

 warm oil foot massage plus Chakra Reiki for deep relaxation

Shiroabhyanga and Chakra Reiki   60 min – $50 ; 45 min – $40

warm oil head massage plus Chakra Reiki for de-stress and better sleep

Mukhabhyanga and Chakra Reiki   60 min – $50 ; 45 min – $40

an uplifting face massage with fragrant organic oils plus Chakra Reiki


CONCESSION RATES –  on three sessions of Ayurvedic Massage and Energy Healing

(excludes facial treatments)

three sessions 90 min each for $240

three sessions 60 min each for $165

Contact me to order your voucher or book a session