Ayurveda Mandala November News

 **** Diwali and Christmas Specials ****

I am doing special offers in November to celebrate Diwali and Christmas coming soon. Please get in touch with me if you like to get some gift vouchers for your loved ones 🙂 Below is more information on each offer.

Pamper Package

(incl Ayurvedic Massage, Rejuvenating Organic Facial & Complimentary Indian Head Massage done with warm oil & certified organic products)

divinely delicious experience & an unforgettable gift

120 min – $120 ;  90 min – $90

Ayurvedic Massage

(incl full body Ayurvedic Massage and Complimentary Indian Head Massage done with warm sesame/almond/coconut oil)

rejuvenating and relaxing

120 min – $105 ;  90 min – $85 ; 60 min – $60

Wholefoods Organic Nutrition Consultation

a complete guidance to help you achieve optimum health

90 min – $130 ; 60 min – $90 ; 45min – $70

Contact me to book a treatment. For more details about my treatements please check my website.

 * GIFT VOUCHERS * CONCESSION CARD on 5 sessions series *


Heartfelt words from my friends and clients:

Nutrition Consultation – Testimonials

Massage and Healing Therapies – Testimonials


Launch of Online shop

***** Opening Sale on all products *****

I am delighted to share this news with you, that my new online web store has been recently launched by ITCST Deisgn & Web. These products have been thoroughly researched by me and are premium quality food based and organic health supplements. I have tested them myself to guarantee the quality of each product and it’s source. These are the products I would take and recommend to my family, friends, near and dear ones. I hope you enjoy browsing through my webstore. I look forward to your feedback as it is important to me. Please click here to go to my shop.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the products and I would be very happy to assist you.

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“Everything in the world is energy. Energy is the basis of everything. If you tune to the frequency of the energy of the reality you want to create for yourself, you will get exactly what your frequency is tuned on.This is not a philosophy. It is physics.”

Albert Einstein