What others are saying about World Organics skin care:

“I totally enjoyed using this refreshingly light cream with deep moisturising properties. As I have super sensitive and rather aged pigmented skin it totally delivered. Thanks Manasi for recommending it”

Kusum Daya, Auckland, NZ

“I have met Manasi a few years ago and I was absolutely taken from the World Organic skincare range she has presented at the time. She said something that really changed the whole way I use cosmetics today: “Don’t put on your skin what you don’t want to eat!” Since then I only use her World Organic range and organic coconut oil – nothing else. I am a huge fan of the “Ageless Amaranth and Vanilla Cream” I use at night and the “Calendula Cream” I use in the morning. They both smell great!
The “Bronzer” is fantastic which I use all year round instead of makeup. My skin feels fantastic and I know I am not applying chemicals to my skin I have to worry about. I can only recommend World Organic. Manasi is such a beautiful and lovely person I am so happy that I met her and that she looks after me and my skin.”

Manu Loths, Auckland, NZ

“WO Products: 3 simple words: Organic, No Chemicals, Affordable! What more can you ask? I really love the fact that WO Products are not tested on animals, they don’t have synthetic ingredients and all the WO products are certified organic by BioGro! I buy a wide range of WO products, from skincare, make up, aromatherapy – you name it – WO has it all, the products smell divine and I love them!
My absolute favourite is the Calming Calendula Cream. I don’t have troubled skin problems but I apply the creme anyway twice daily and my skin feels so good and smooth it’s amazing! Go and give it a try, buy the really affordable products and judge for your self and I promise you that you will not be disappointed! And: Thank you Manasi for linking me to the WO Products and many, many thanks for all your ongoing support, you are honestly the most kind, helpful wonderful woman I’ve ever came across! With love and good wishes – Namaste”

Tina, Kohokohu, NZ

“Wonderful to be using a pure product on my skin, I feel for 62 years, my skin hasn’t aged much in the last 2 years of using World Organic skincare range. It nourishes and always feels comfortable on my skin with a lovely subtle perfume of essential oils, premium quality organic and natural products at reasonable cost.”

Gaylene Bright, Kohukohu, NZ

“I bought the Organic Lipstick from Manasi Gupta from World Organic and I enjoy it very much, it’s great for my lips and it looks just perfect. I recommend that to every woman. The Rose Attar Oil is a good addition to my skin care – being a woman in her forties… It’s nourishing and I love the subtle smell. Thank you.”

Sandesh Heinicke, Auckland, New Zealand

“The World Organic products smell divine and they feel great on the skin: there is no feeling of wearing a coat of chemical residue. I relish the ritual of using them. I would highly recommend the lipstick: lovely vibrant colours and very attractive wooden packaging”

Kay Brown, Auckland, New Zealand

“I am so far using these products from World Organic – Rose attar elixir Oil, Wonder lift Serum, Brightening Almond Exfoliant, Calendula Cream, Evening Primrose Moisturizer and Lip balm – they did wonders to my skin. ‘Dry feel’ on my skin vanished wonderfully……Calendula cream & EPO moisturizer pampered my skin a lot, Rose Attar oil gave my skin a glow without getting my face greasy. Exfoliant made my skin healthier & brighter. Wonder Lift Serum did lift in its own magical way and the lip balm made my lips more smooth and soft.
Thus your company’s products are simply wonderful, very useful and adorable. I would love to have your ‘genuine’ products in future again to treat my skin ‘genuinely’.
With profuse thanks, love and good wishes.”

Deepti Gupta, Pune, India