What others say about Manasi’s Ayurvedic Wholefoods Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching:

“I want to share my experience with Manasi, the healer, I would rather call her, because her guidelines for my health wear magic. I was suffering from vertigo and weakness and lots more health issues. The coriander seeds and cumin water gave me very good results in my gastric problem. Herbal tea and super foods drink are amazing and gave a very good start to my low energy and dullness in my daily life. Her schedule for yoga and meditation helped me cope with my job and personal life. She is doing amazing work with people who need real help. Thank you Manasi, you are amazing. Once again my experience with you is just superb.”

Vandana, India

“I live in India and was searching for Ayurvedic and holistic treatment online. Due to COVID times we all have turned towards the internet and that’s when I found Manasi. I reached out to her and she was willing to guide me. I immediately felt a connection with her and knew that I found the right person to help me heal. Her way of explaining things, listening to the problems calmly and then offering suggestions and remedies is just amazing.
Her voice is so soulful that any anxiety anybody might have, speaking to her for the first time, just washes away. She is very easy to reach out to and have a conversation.
She is a compassionate person who wants to help people across and touch as many lives as possible. I’m glad I found her and I truly feel she is now my friend, philosopher and guide 🙂 Thanks and Regards”

Ritika, Bangalore, India

“Having seen Manasi for only a month I had significant improvement in my comfort. I had been diagnosed with extreme inflammation that caused pain in one of my hip areas. Manasi treated me with ayurvedic and aromatherapy massage, reiki healing and a nutritional session complete with her gentleness & wisdom. End result having revisited my muscular skeletal specialist the inflammation had gone, my family noticed a difference in my walk too. Well I’m happy, still following Manasi’s advice and having regular massage, I am more relaxed and sleeping better too. Note – I do have a pretty intense managerial job so it is critical for me to manage that with good health care – prevention rather than repair.”

Renelle, Auckland

I have been suffering from thyroid issues leading to various other problems including weight gain. I also had very low Vitamin D, Haemoglobin and iron levels which made my energy levels very very low. Manasi’s holistic nutritional advise helped me to transform my health like a miracle. I am now an energetic person as opposed to dull and lethargic.  I have lost weight and have now come to a healthy weight that I was wishing for since so long. Manasi combines healthy and balanced  nutrition with herbs, medicinal mushrooms, supplements, intermittant fasting, meditation and exercise to address the issues and it works like magic.

Deepti, India


“Being quite sensitive with pressure, I really love Manasi’s gentle massages. She really has healing hands and I always leave feeling deeply relaxed and nourished. I have also seen her for an ayurvedic nutrition consultation, which made me more aware of unhealthy eating habits and provided achievable and simple diet suggestions and daily routines for a healthier life style. I have been enjoying cooking my own healthy meals and trying new recipes so much more since then. Manasi has delicious and easy to follow recipes on her website as well”

Jessica, Auckland

“I’m so glad my path crossed with Manasi’s – she is such a gift! I have been to see her for an Ayurvedic Consultation, where she gave me achievable, simple life style suggestions which have had a massive positive effect physically, emotionally and mentally (right from day one!). WOW you get the full package with Manasi, she is the real deal…, science coupled with her amazing intuition equals mountains of wisdom and easy to implement changes. I left feeling really empowered and hopeful and that with her help, I could really begin to take back the parts of my life that had been slipping out of balance.”

Gemma, Auckland

” I live in Germany. Three years back I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I got in touch with Manasi Gupta as I knew that she is very well informed about nutrition and a healthy life style. She gave me a professional and thorough consultation about eating right kind of food and exercises. Now I am free from diabetes and take no medicines I still take follow up sessions with her as it keeps me on track and that always inspires me. It has also helped in improving my overall health.
About 2 years back I had frozen shoulder. Again Manasi gave me further guidance about eating the kind of food which helps the muscles and helps in reducing inflammation. She advised me to take Astaxanthin, which actually cured my shoulder which seemed impossible to heal and the only option left was an operation. So I am very thankful to her and wish her all success in her work which is helping many people.
She speaks fluent German as well and it’s very convenient to be able to Skype with Manasi from Germany, so the distance doesn’t matter”

Pradeep, Germany

“Manasi has a wonderful warm and calm manner. From the moment she greets you and you are shown into the tranquil haven of her treatment room, you begin to relax. Her massage technique is soothing, skillful and therapeutic.
I have also had a nutrition and lifestyle guidance consultation with her and her advice has made a marked improvement to my general and emotional health. I shall definitely continue to follow her recommendations.
I would highly recommend Manasi; she is extremely knowledgeable and has a very caring manner.”

Terry, Auckland

“Manasi has helped me significantly with health, nutrition and well-being consultation. I very much respect her knowledge and she has really helped me to restore balance in my life and enhance my well-being greatly. Highly recommend!”

Katherine, Auckland

“I had a lovely morning during the Raw workshop. We were made to feel comfortable straight away and Manasi was very inspiring and gave good tips on how to incorporate more raw food into our diet. We had fun making a new version of carb-free sushi. She explained why to add certain condiments and how they help the body. All in all a lovely experience and good food.”

Nicole, Auckland

“It was a great learning experience and very interesting being introduced to a new way of living. I thoroughly enjoyed trying Manasi’s different teas and listening to her talk about the different health benefits, it was very informative. Manasi explained well and talked us through what she was doing. Nice food and good company!”

Nathalie, Auckland

“A few months ago, I used to feel tired, lethargic while doing routine work. Extra weight was troubling me. Though I was having balanced diet and regular exercise as per my awareness, still the weight was chasing me. I consulted Manasi. She attentively and carefully studied my case and guided me so intelligently & wisely about ‘dos & donts’ that I steadily lost 8 kgs in three months, keeping my energy & strength intact.
My new regime taught me that the weight reduction, inner energy flow, happiness, enthusiasm, peace & harmony – they are all co-related. Manasi’s holistic consultation and guidance brought a radical change in my life and removed my stubborn weight smoothly because she focused the culprit points which were blocking the positive health sources in my body. I had also this old persisting pain in my left arm and shoulder and after following Manasi’s advise for 3 months, the pain is no longer. It was such a great relief – mental and physical both – that can not be expressed in words.
I am thankful to Manasi with all my heart for showing me the right path and granting me perfect health in the true sense. No doubt, she is the catalyst to my radical weight loss and energy resurgence in the body. She helped me greatly with her deep insights into wholesome nutrition and knowledge about super foods and supplements.
My warm blessings and good wishes to Manasi in her great mission of guiding people on the right track to achieve true health & happiness in life……!”

Deepti, India

“I fondly remember my couple of years association in the childhood with Manasi as a balanced and calm person, who brings pleasant vibes to others. Then we lost the touch for almost three decades. Last year, while we connected again through Facebook, I got to know about her wonderful skills, competencies and knowledge on nutrition and wellness.
At that point, I was looking for someone’s support on holistic wellbeing which includes weight control, knowledge of organic living, counselling, nutrition etc and Manasi proved to be one stop shop for all.
Manasi and I have been from a small city in India and I was proud to see Manasi as a evolved person on physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
Although I was having modest knowledge on nutrition and health, Manasi gave me new insights on safe alternatives of food and medicines with proper rational. Her kind, compassionate nature puts everyone at ease.
One more thing I like was that she can be good personal coach/life coach on emotional, body and health needs. I am very pleased to have touch base with her again and her continued support.”

Bhawna, India

“Dear Manasi

I went through your June news letter with a new touch. I found your addition on ‘Fermented Food’ very informative and beneficial for your clients and other readers. No doubt, Fermented Food contains probiotics, health boosting nutrients and digestive enzymes etc – all are required for a healthy body.
Fermented Foods improve our system. We must include them in our daily diet in proper portion. Over the last few years, homemade raw curd, butter, cottage cheese, pickles, pure raw milk have been replaced by pasturized milk, butter, curd , processed cheese etc. They are not the same as raw fermented wholefoods.
I really liked your health oriented newsletter which consists of lots of varied highly significant information from food to massage, mandala paintings and healthy & yummy recipes. Your efforts to make people aware of health hazards is a yeoman’s service – it is useful & loyal help. May God bless you…!”

D. Gupta, Auckland

“As an IT professional you need to use your brain a lot and need a sharp mind keeping up with all the evolving developments. I feel lucky to have found Manasi Gupta, her recommendations kept my overall health up and energy high. I am on top of things and had hardly any health issues ever since. I do highly recommend her for her in-depth knowledge, intuitive, caring and selfless support.”

Dieter, Auckland