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Manasi GuptaAyurveda Mandala represents the grace and skills I offer, from Ayurvedic massage, energy healing sessions, nutrition and lifestyle consultations, organic skincare products, meditative chanting, mystical belly dance, mandala art and to paintings. Thank you for visiting my website and hope you enjoy exploring it.

Yours in happiness and wellbeing

Manasi – Ayurveda Mandala

Cashew Ashwagandha Cacao Milk

Method: Drain soaked cashews and rinse. Blend cashews with some water in the blender until creamy. Add carob or cacao, protein powder, chia seeds, cinnamon, pinch salt, ashwagandha and a little honey/agave or maple syrup to sweeten. Add more water if...

Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation

    Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation Would you like to lose weight while eating tons of delicious wholesome food Would you like to experience vibrant health, high energy, passion and work-life balance? Are you going through certain health challenges or not able to...

“Indian Chai” – Ayurvedic Artisan Kombucha

"INDIAN CHAI" Ayurvedic Artisan Kombucha an aromatic blend of Indian healing spices and redbush tea -  this Kombucha is nourishing, soothing, comforting, protecting and strengthening your immune system and digestive system, Good for all Constitutions   About my...

Quinoa Broccoli Delight

Ingredients: Makes 3 portions 1 cup quinoa ideally soaked for 4 hrs or overnight 1 medium broccoli 1 carrot cut in cubes 1 avocado turmeric root grated 2 cloves garlic chopped spices - curry powder, turmeric salt to taste roasted Sesame Seed powder coconut...

Organic Artisan Sauerkraut available now!

  About my Sauerkraut I use organic cabbage and other vegetables. herbs and spices to prepare Raw "Living" Sauerkraut. 500 gm jar (Net Weight) $12 Pick up from Beach Haven. Order ahead as it goes out quick 🙂 Benefits of Sauerkraut In all ancient traditions, our...

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“I was more than 3 weeks late with my menstruation and suffered from general pain. I went to see my GP, had various tests done but we could not find anything wrong with me. I called Manasi to book an hours massage. I was very warmly welcome, and put in a cosy room, with lovely […]

K. McBride, Beach Haven, Auckland, New Zealand

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