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Manasi Gupta

Do you have energy and vitality to enjoy a quality life and live your true potential?

Do you feel resilient to manage daily stresses?

Do you find joy, stillness and bliss in your life?


Ayurveda Mandala offers complete holistic and integrative guidance to help you create balance, well-being, health, joy and stillness, so you can live your true potential. We offer a synergistic blend of health enhancing services and products to help achieve optimum health and wellness in a holistic way and address the root cause. Our services include – Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, Artisan Raw Vegan Slices, Massage Oil Blends, Meditaton, Mystical Indian dance, Mandala Ar Paintings and Worksops. Thank you for visiting my website and hope you enjoy exploring it.

Wishing you peace, joy and health.


Manasi – 021 132 5701

Ayurveda Mandala

Beach Haven, Auckland

What others are saying:

“Manasi is an inspiring and beautiful woman. She lives her values and walks her talk with all her wellbeing guidance. I am proud to call her my friend and mentor.” After receiving a Nutrition and Lifestyle consultation.

Katherine Burns, Auckland, New Zealand
Earthing transforms your health

Earthing transforms your health

Earthing, also known as Grounding, has proven to reduce and eliminate inflammation which is the biggest cause of all modern illnesses. It reduces the free radicals that cause inflammation and inflamm-aging, thereby reducing pain and other imbalances in the body,...

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Hemp Cacao Truffles

Ingredients: makes 12 small truffles 8 tblsp hemp seeds 4 tblsp sesame seeds 2 tblsp almonds 2 tblsp cacao powder 2 tblsp fine dessicated coconut 2 soaked and mashed medjool dates or 1 tblsp coconut sugar pinch sea salt 1/2 tsp five spice powder or cinnamon powder 1...

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Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup has a complex depth of flavours, that will leave you asking for more. This recipe is dedicated to my mother who loves mushrooms and miso, both an integral part of this delectable dish. The nutritional profile of this soup is phenomenal. Listing...

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