Massage & Healing

I offer a wide variety of body work, massage therapies and healing sessions. All my sessions are individually customized to suit the requirements of my clients. I take time to assess your situation and discuss the options.

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During my sessions, I invite you to be in this very moment – in here and now, be open & child-like to all the magic and healing that happens from being aware and in touch with your own self.

“Sometimes to invoke a healing all is needed is supportive silence.
For you will enter into a world that’s beyond reason.
A place full of power, hope, and magic.”

Ian Paul Marshall

What others are saying:

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Sandesh Heinicke, Auckland, New Zealand

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About Me

My main passion is to make a difference in peoples health and well-being. Hence I offer healing sessions, nutrition and lifestyle consultations from my home in Beach Haven, North Shore or via video chat.