Keep the winter chills away – Golden Immune Elixir, Sauerkraut and Kombucha available | Ayurveda Mandala
Keep the autumn chills and ills away by strengthening your immune system. Our gut health is directly related to immune health. Adding fermented foods like Sauerkraut and Kombucha are highly beneficial to your gut health thus enhancing your immune health.

Golden Immune Elixir is an amazing antioxidant rich health drink. I make it with organic non-dairy milk and a blend of spices and fresh turmeric. Its a warming, anti-inflammatory, immune-strengthening, comforting drink, perfect for autumn, winter and spring seasons.

Golden Immune Elixir – 1L $12 (plus $4 for glass bottle which is refunded upon return)

Purple Organic “Living” Sauerkraut 500gms (Net Weight) – $12

Ayurvedic “Living” Kombucha – 1L flip top bottle – $12

(incl $2 refundable upon return of bottle)

Four unique flavours – Ginger Beer , Refresh, Exotic, Zesty

If you are interested please contact me 021 132 5701 or
Here some informative science based articles on human gut health and immune health and their inter-connection –